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  • Refractory pan mixer for cement plant

    We have exported refractory pan mixer for cement plant to Egypt, Qatar, Mexico, the United Arab Emirates and other countries, and the mixing effect is better, which has been well received by customers.

  • refractory pan mixer for steel plant

    Gaodetec Equipment can supply you with high quality refractory mixer for steel plant for sale with factory price, any interest about our refractory equipment, you can contact us directly.

  • Diesel cement grout injection pump with mixer agitator

    Our diesel cement grout plant is hot in Jordan dam projects. My customer tell us that he need a grout pump and grout mixer together on one frame, he will use the grouting equipment for his dam projects.

  • Colloidal grout mixer for bentonite

    Colloidal grout mixer for bentonite could mix water, cement, bentonite, sand and other additives rapidly. So high shear cement grout mixer has wide application in engineering department of water resource and electric power, coal, railway, traffic, constru

  • Hydroseeding spraying greening equipment

    The hydroseeding spraying greening equipment and the hydroseeding grass seed spray machine are commonly used spray greening equipment. Spraying planting grass, spraying and planting plant protection technology is to use the principle of liquid seeding.

  • peristaltic hose pump for TBM project

    Tunnel Boring Machine project is short for TBM project, in TBM project, need use lots of bentonite for waterproof. Bentonite generally formed by the volcanic ash layer of rock, mostly by the Tertiary volcanic ash or rhyolite.

  • Shotcrete machine were deliver to Indonesia for slope protect

    Gaodetec deliver 6 sets GZ-5A air motor drive 5m3/h output dry shotcrete machine to Indonesia for slope protect. Gaodetec deliver 2 sets GZ-9D Diesel engine drive shotcrete machine and 2 sets screw air compressor for slope protect.

  • membrane filter plate plant

    Filter press in sale sludge industry, membrane filtering equipment. Gaode filter press has a good treatment for salt sludge industry.

  • foam concrete machine for making blocks

    Lightweight foam concrete block making machine can be built for any size and shape block according to your demanded mould. We have many types foam concrete machine for making block. Of course, as demand increases, you can expand your plant and increase pr

  • small concrete mixer machine

    JS series of concrete mixer is a double horizontal shaft forced mixer, this small concrete mixer machine has the advantages of single machine independent operation and simple concrete mixing station with PLD series, but also for the mixing station to prov

  • diesel mixer machine

    Portable concrete mixer with diesel engine is widely used in building site, road and bridge project, and many other construction sites. It is of bigger capacity, self-falling type. It is suitable for mixing plastic and low-slump concrete.

  • Prestressing PC strand for prestressed concrete anchorage

    Prestressing PC strand is mainly used for prestressed concrete structure reinforced, such as large-span bridges on railway and highway, overhead crane beam, rock-soil, anchoring project, multi-story industrial buildings, stadiums, coal mines and etc.

  • 5mm anchor barrel

    Gaode Equipment Co., Ltd is working on manufacturing and selling prestressed anchor system and other related post tension equipment. The below is our 5mm anchor barrel with wedges, this anchor barrel is mainly used for tension pc wire.

  • container grout pump for sale

    MJS all-round high-pressure jet method and super jet grouting, MJS method is a comprehensive point of view of jet grouting. A series of processes the following: the hardening material slurry ingredients under pressure transmission, jetting, formation cutt

  • maintain small electric concrete pump

    How to maintain small concrete pump? We should look at what kind of small concrete pump it is. Different types of small concrete pump maintenance methods are also different. In the cold winter, it is not suitable for the construction of hydraulic lift pum

  • Cast-in-place foam concrete

    The cast-in-place foam concrete contains a large amount of air bubbles, which is lighter than the general civil construction materials, and its weight range can be adjusted between 5 and 13 kN/m3.

  • Effect of foam concrete

    The shrinkage, cracking and water absorption of foam concrete are three closely related problems. The factors affecting shrinkage, cracking and water absorption of foam concrete mainly include the following aspects: the influence of cement dosage; the inf

  • foam concrete for floor heating

    Nowadays, a large number of floor heating insulation layers have been changed from foam plastic to foam concrete. Foamed concrete insulation has many advantages compared with foam plastics, mainly in the following aspects.

  • foam concrete machine in subway

    Cast-in-place foam concrete can be used for the treatment of subway station pavement. The subway line passes through the soft base area or the karst area.

  • Diesel Concrete pump

    Now let me introduce the mechanical system, lubrication system and cooling system of our diesel concrete pumps.

  • Effect of foam agent on cast-in-place foam concrete

    The strength of cast-in-place foam concrete is a key indicator. Foamed concrete is a foamed artificial stone.

  • hydroseeding spray machine

    In the early stage of hanging the net, the slope surface should be treated as much as possible to make the slope level flat. Especially for the local high convex and low slope slopes, it should be fully leveled and filled. The flatness of the slope direct

  • Grout pump to Thailand for tunnel grouting work

    For the GGM80/50PLD-E grout pump, it is one double-plunger hydraulic pumps, with very low pressure and flow surge system, almost no jerks or kicks during grouting, the grout output is 0-80L/min, pressure is 0-50 Bar, both could be adjustable step-less. Th

  • Made In China Post Tension YDC3000

    Prestressed anchors, hydraulic hollow cylinder, electric hydraulic pump, pushing type hydraulic jack, pc strands pusher machine, pc strands embossing machine, extruder machine, smart grout pump equipment and mixer, etc.

  • Double Acting Or Single Acting Electric Hydraulic Oil Pump

    This double acting electric oil pump is suitable for a variety of industrial production applications, and hydraulic oil pump can also be directly equipped with corresponding equipment for pushing, pulling, expanding, clamping, bending, jacking, extrusion,

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