GZ-9E/S Wet & dry sprayed concrete linings and convey pea-gravel machine

  • Type: GZ-9E/S
  • Rotor Volume: 12.9L
  • Max. Rotor Speed: 12.6r/min
  • Max. Output: 9.5m³/h
  • Max. Horizontal Conveying Distance: 200m
  • Max. Aggregate Size: Φ20 mm

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  • convey pea-gravel machine for TBM
  • Shotcrete machine for conveyance of pea-gravel when tunnelling with a TBM
  • pneumatic conveyance of pea gravel when tunnelling with TBM of large diameter machine
  • pea gravel conveying machine for TBM
  • Shotcrete Machine (Dry and Wet)
■ Description
GZ-9E/S Wet & dry sprayed concrete linings and convey pea-gravel machine is a multifunctional rotor type machine for wet and dry spraying and conveying. The materials that can be sprayed and conveyed are concrete, mortar, refractory, sand, pea gravel and crushed stone. It is a rotor machine able to apply wet & dry sprayed concrete linings and to convey pea-gravel, with effective outputs up to 3-9.5 m³/h.
  conveyance of pea-gravel machine TBM

pea gravel concrete spraying machine

pea gravel conveying spraying machine

Compared with the traditional spraying and conveying machine, GZ-9E/S Media has several advantages: hydraulic floating compression (pressure automatic compensation after the rubber sealing plate is worn), hydraulic lifting rotor body, automatic anti-blocking function, automatic lubrication, the local control mode and remote control function with PLC control system, which greatly enhance the degree of automation of the machine and increase the machine efficiency. Therefore, this machine is widely used in mines, tunnels, culverts, subways, hydropower projects, underground projects, etc.

Shotcrete Machine for TBM

Wet & dry sprayed concrete machine

wet and dry spraying and conveying machine

wet dry mix concrete pea gravel spraying machine

wet dry sprayed concrete pea-gravel machine

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