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GHS13190 Hydroseeding equipment for mining sites green

  • Model: GHS13190
  • Power: 190KW, Cummins engine, water-cooled
  • Tank size : Liquid capacity: 13000L(3450Gallon) Working capacity: 11700L(3100Gallon)
  • Pump: Centrifugal pump:6’’x3’’ (15.2X7.6cm), 120m³/h@14bar, 33mm solid clearance
  • Agitation: Twin mechanical agitators with helical paddle orientation and liquid recirculation
  • Rotating speed of mixer shaft: 0-130rpm

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  • Hydroseeding equipment for mining sites green
  • hydroseeder for mining sites green
  • hydroseeding equipment for grass seed spraying
  • hydroseeding equipment for re-greening
  • hydroseeding equipment for erosion control
■ Description
GHS13190 Hydroseeding equipment is a new type of spray seeding machine, which has the advantages of large capacity, wide application, simple operation, and easy maintenance. It is very suitable for mine ecological management and greening work.
diesel engine hydroseeder for erosion control Hydroseed Machine For Landscape Ecological Restoration
hydroseeder for erosion control grass seeds hydroseeding equipment
Hydroseeding equipment adopts specially designed capacity 120m3/h centrifugal pump and twin mechanical agitators with helical paddle orientation and liquid recirculation, which can mix various seeds, fertilizers and plant protection agents, and spray them on dry land or barren land for greening.
The working capacity tank of hydroseeding equipment for mining sites green is 11700L (3100Gallon), and it also has the characteristics of long spraying distance (Maximum horizontal conveying distance 85m), high spraying precision, uniform spraying (fixed standing gun and pipe gun), etc., and can quickly and efficiently complete various greening work.
hydroseeding equipment for rock slope greening hydroseeding for road greening
hydroseeding machine for garden greening hydroseeding equipment for sloping engineering landfill cover
large capacity hydroseeding equipment Mine Golf Lawn Planting Grass Seed Spraying Machine
In addition, the device also has the advantages of compact structure, flexible movement, and easy maintenance, which provides great convenience for users.
As a hydroseeding equipment manufacturer and supplier, we can also supply customized services, the scope of customization includes: diesel engine brand, tank capacity, tank material, hose reel with the hose, remote control unit, trailer, ladder.
If you are interested in our products, please contact our email directly: info@gaodetec.com
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