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  • Dry mix shotcrete machine for slope protection

    According to the different process, shotcrete machine is divided into dry mix shotcrete machine and wet mix shotcrete machine. It is widely used for mining, tunnel, culvert, subway, hydropower engineering, underground excavation engineering etc.

  • automatic plastering machine for wall

    As this automatic mortar plaster pump is designed as per Germany’s advanced technology, it has much more advantages especially when plastering dry-mixed mortar and thermal mortar. Such as: high efficiency, good quality and saving cost.

  •  application of road marking machine

    With the rapid development of urbanization process, the application of road marking machine become more and more extensive. Such as, directional and traffic indications, for marking of highway, applicable to road axis of provincial, notional and municipal

  • Advanced filter press

    Efficient filter press operations are an important tool in helping to reduce the transportation and disposal costs associated with waste products. To reduce operating costs, you are looking to achieve dryer filter cakes, while using less chemicals.

  • wall plastering machine application

    Mortar pump machine is specially designed for conveying material with aggregate size less than 6mm. Such as wall mortar, adhesives, primer, leveling mortar, repair mortar, putty and so on.

  • weste water treatment filter cake

    Nowadays the filter press equipment is widely used in wastewater treatment industry, the wastewater can be from steel plant, riverway, tunnel sewage, papermaking, municipal, printing plant.

  • trailer concrete pump

    Many trailer concrete pump is pumping concrete everyday, but the efficiency is lower than others. Let us see how to quickly improve the efficiency of trailer concrete pump.

  • hydroseeder machine application

    Hydroseeder is a new greening method combined with no-irrigation and spray-seeding technology. The greening grass grain and water-retaining agent, binder, green fiber cover and fertilizer are mixed with water in the mixing vessel.

  • Shotcrete Sprayer System in Tunnel

    Gaodetec sprayer system with big output mainly for spraying concrete in Tunnel construction, bigger fracture surface etc. need high efficiency shotcrete spraying projects.

  • Chamber Filter Press

    Filter press is the most commonly used & reliable industrial filter. It is used to separate solid particles suspended in liquid.

  • sludge filter cake

    Now the problem of pollution is more and more serious, and the waste of resources is important increasingly. Therefore, the secondary use of resources, the sustainable development of production has been more and more brought to the attention of the

  • application of mortar plaster machine

    GMP50/40 is a single cylinder single acting piston mortar pump. It is mainly used in tunneling and maintenance, mine engineering, dams, foundation treatment works of large bridges and buildings, mortar conveying and spraying for a variety of underground e

  • hydroseeder machine application

    Hydroseeder machine is a new green technology, with green seeds and water retaining agent, a binder, and fertilizers, in the stirred vessel is mixed with water into a mixed slurry.

  • chamber filter press in treatment of salt slurry

    Chamber filter press is a kind of intermittent operation of filtration equipment, applied to various suspension of solid-liquid separation, separation effect is pretty good. It is widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, dye, metallurgy, medicine, foo

  • concrete spraying pump

    Peristaltic pump is also called as hose pump, its working principle is that the rollers or pressure shoes squeeze the hose forming vacuum volume and suck material from sucking port and discharge material through outlet by roller’s push, finally forms pres

  • peristaltic hose type mortar spray pump

    Application of GMP40/10-H Peristaltic Hose Type Mortar Spray Pump In Inter-wall Plastering In order to meet our customers’ requirement on plastering for wall, we designed and produced the GMP40/10-H peristaltic hose-type mortar spraying pump.

  • hydroseeder equipment

    With the development of highway technology, which has greatly promoted the development of productive forces. But it also forms a large number of bare slope in the construction of mountain highway, not only destroyed the road landscape, but also cause soil

  • prestressing concrete tension anchor

    Prestressing concrete anchor system is consist of anchor head, wedges, anchor plate, spiral reinforcement. Please check the below picture: Prestressing anchor system have two parts: tension end and dead end. The first photo is tension end anchor system;

  • mortar pump

    Nowadays, our GMP35/30 mortar pump is widely used on wall plastering construction, it can effectively overcome the disadvantage of plastering by artificial, and the quality of engineering construction has greatly improved.

  • hydraulic automatic filter press

    GEC separates solids from water, the sources of which are not limited to: industrial waste, food processing, chemicals, metal finishing, grease and septic and flexographic ink. Unless properly treated, wastewater can harm public health and the environment

  • hydraulic plate and frame filter press

    Our hydraulic plate and frame filter press is a kind of filtering equipment in many industries and it is widely used in wastewater treatment, water purification, paper making, coal washing, etc.

  • stainless steel frame filter in food and beverage industry

    Whether your need is for filtration of juice, wine, beer, sugar juice or edible oils, food and beverage processing requires a comprehensive range of filtration products including filter cloths, filter plates, and filter press equipment that is tailored fo

  • Application of DTH drilling machine

    A down-the hole drill, usually called DTH by most professionals, is basically a mini jack hammer screwed on the bottom of a drill string. The fast hammer action breaks hard rock into small flakes and dust and is blown clear by the air exhaust from the DTH

  • Mortar Spray Pump Application

    At the request of many customers, we study and produce a new model GMP35/30 piston mortar pump. It is designed for conveying and spraying mortar or plaster.

  • road marking machine application

    Road marking machine is the pavement construction machinery, which is widely used in roads, highway, parking, the square and runway in the flat ground to draw limit line, such as different constraints, guidance and warning sign. For its rapid, efficient,

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