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Effect of foam agent on cast-in-place foam concrete


The strength of cast-in-place foam concrete is a key indicator. Foamed concrete is a foamed artificial stone. The density is low, the strength naturally decreases, and the low density strength decreases more. How to make foam concrete better is a key factor to improve the performance of foam concrete.

Choosing a good cement foaming agent can effectively improve the strength of cast-in-place foam concrete. A good cement foaming agent can form a bright closed hole in the foam concrete, which greatly improves the density of the bubble wall and improves the strength. A good cement blowing agent can be used at a low water to cement ratio, and the lower the water to cement ratio, the higher the strength.

foaming agent

At present, many cement foaming agents on the market can only be used under high water-cement ratio. This is the reason why many construction teams are constructed with high water-cement ratio. It seems to be like porridge. It is also said to be self-leveling. "At the expense of the strength of the foam concrete, it has become a "tofu slag project".

The compatibility of cement
foaming agent with cement also affects its strength. If the cement foaming agent does not match the cement, the common problem is that the foaming agent becomes the insulation layer of the cement, forming a phenomenon of “false condensation”. Actually, there is no solidification, and the formation of the isolation layer makes the cement not completely react. The product is especially "cuffed" and has no strength.


Nowadays, many water-injected
foam concrete products on the market have a very high water absorption rate, and some of them are as high as 50%. The reason is that the closed porosity of foam concrete is low, and the through-holes are formed due to poor foam stability of the foam and cement foaming agent. This is because the cement foaming agent has a low closed cell ratio, so a good cement foaming agent is a foaming agent which can make the foam concrete product have a low water absorption rate.

As to our foam agent, its main contain is plant protein, which is a transparent liquid. It's non-toxic, no sediment, non-corrosive to cement and metal, environmental friendly and easy to store, warranty is3 years, has excellent foaming characteristics and foam stability.   If you are interested in our foam agent, you could contact us freely.

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