GHS0217PT 500gallon mechanical agitated hydroseeder

  • Model: GHS0217PT
  • Volume: 2m³/2000L/500gallon
  • Material of a tank: Polyethylene
  • Agitated speed: 0-120r/min
  • Material of frame: Steel
  • Engine: 23 hp gasoline engine with electric start

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■ Description
GHS0217PT 500gallon mechanical-agitated hydroseeder is an ideal machine for those who need to spray difficult materials and heavy slurries. It is a unit that combines the best features of both jet and mechanical hydroseeders. The aggressive paddle agitation allows you to load full bales without the need to break them up and allows quick mixing of thick slurries of hydro-seeding material. 

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GHS0217PT 500gallon hydroseeder has an engine design of a 23 H. P. BRIGGS STRATTON gasoline engine made in the USA that is directly coupled to a 3″ X 1.5″ high volume, high-pressure centrifugal pump and oil gear pump that drives an aggressive mixing paddle. The platform and tower gun are standard equipment. Standard equipment includes 60m of DN32 hose with free-flow couplings mounted on hose holders on the side of the tank. It also includes three nozzles ( 1 wide hydroseeding nozzle, 1 straight distance nozzle, and 1 trim nozzle). The spray distance of the tower gun is approximately 28m.

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500 Gallon Hydroseeding machine

500 Gallon Hydroseeding machine supplier

The high-pressure centrifugal pump is capable of operating the unit independently as an agitator(self-circulation) and machine. A gear pump relies on the hydraulic system to drive the paddles to rotate. This drive is very simple and reliable and easy to service if there ever is a problem.

500 Gallon Hydroseeding machine manufacturer

500 Gallon Hydroseeding machine for sale

The polyethylene used in the tank ensures that the hydroseeder does not rust.  GHS0217PT mechanical-agitated hydroseeder is designed so that the rugged poly tank serves only as a carrier for the slurry. Besides, the bearings and agitator shaft are supported completely by heavy structural steel supports. There is no stress whatsoever on the tank and the entire mixing system would run without the tank even being present. This mixing system is made to last and to have the lowest maintenance requirements of any unit on the market.
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