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  • 2021/06
    Coal mine used gunite machines are widely used in engineering construction, mining, water conservancy projects, tunnels and other construction project...
  • 2021/06
    Gaodetec series concrete spraying machine for coal mine is a new generation of wet concrete spraying unit developed by our company. The project has pa...
  • 2021/06
    The industrial squeeze hose pump for sale is also known as the peristaltic hose pump, and there is a squeeze hose in the pump room. When the rotary di...
  • 2021/06
    Our plan focuses on the use of the Hydroseeder for Golf Course Series. Golf course used hydroseeder is widely recognized as the best in the world, the...
  • 2021/06
    The hydroseeder works well and sprays evenly, and has become an effective vegetation planting method in greening projects such as road and railway slo...
  • 2021/06
    Gaodetec heavy-duty hose pumps is a peristaltic pump for conveying foam concrete for handling corrosive, high-viscosity, high-density products such as...
  • 2021/06
    Peristaltic hose pumps are used in many industrial fields because of their outstanding characteristics. Such as construction, mining, food, paper, cer...
  • 2021/06
    China's spray grass seed hydroseeding equipment is a new type of green technology, which combines two methods of spraying and non-irrigating. The gra...
  • 2021/06
    Gaodetec complete grouting equipment for sale are widely used for mixing and grouting cement slurry when build high building, underground mining and m...
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