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How to maintain small electric concrete pump or diesel concrete pump?


How to maintain small concrete pump? We should look at what kind of small concrete pump it is. Different types of small concrete pump maintenance methods are also different. In the cold winter, it is not suitable for the construction of hydraulic lift pump trucks. And if the maintenance is not correct, it will also affect the service life of the hydraulic lift pump. But for some reason, we want to use electric concrete pump in the cold winter? It should focus on which parts of the hydraulic lift pump are to be started.

maintain small electric concrete pump

For everyone detailed analysis. Analysis of the structure of the electric concrete pump, for the maintenance of the small concrete pump, we mainly from the following three aspects: the biggest difference between the concrete pump and the traditional pump truck is the lifting frame, can directly convey materials to the floor in need. In this process is bound to use wire rope, wire rope in the concrete pump belongs to vulnerable items. 
Due to its structural composition, diesel concrete pump is also vulnerable to corrosion. In cold winter, wire rope become brittle, once the occurrence of fracture, will bring serious consequences. At this time we often need to check the wear of the wire rope, once there is a fracture of the case should be promptly replaced, in peacetime work can be uniform coating on the wire rope butter, increase the lubricity of the wire rope. We know that water is indispensable in the operation of the diesel concrete pump. In cold winter, especially when it's below zero, water freezes. Therefore, in the cold winter is the construction, the first thing to check whether the water in the mixing bucket has frozen, if the ice is must not be forced on the boot, will cause damage to the concrete pump, then remove the ice before the next construction. 

maintain diesel concrete pump

After the completion of the construction is generally to clean diesel concrete pump, when cleaning to avoid the fuselage and bucket left water, prevent the second day of work appeared frozen phenomenon. 
Oil road for diesel concrete pump is also called precision components, once there is a problem, maintenance is very troublesome. In winter construction, maintenance of oil road is also very important. 
Hydraulic circuit of small diesel concrete pump maintenance mainly has the following aspects: reducer oil, because the temperature is too low in winter, the user should frequently check the use of lubricating oil in the reduction box, when the replacement as far as possible to use antifreeze lubricating oil, so as to avoid insufficient lubrication of the gear box in winter. 

small diesel concrete pump maintenance

Hydraulic oil, under normal circumstances, the hydraulic oil of diesel concrete pump loss very small, but in the winter, to put the original hydraulic oil out, replaced with anti-freezing hydraulic oil. Although there is some difference in price, the difference is nothing when you compare the effects of mechanical damage. Let's not penny wise and pound foolish. Email address: info@gaodetec.com

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