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GZ-6AR/RD Air Driven Refractory Gunning Machine

  • Model: GZ-6AR/RD
  • Maximum output: 6m³/hr
  • Max. aggregate size: 10mm
  • Feed bowl pocket number: 16
  • Hose ID: 38mm
  • Air motor power: 5HP

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■ Description
GZ-6AR/RD Air Driven Refractory Gunning Machine provides a steady flow of material, which allows uniform hydration and very smooth spraying.

air driven refractory gunning machine structure

The adjustable output of the material may be increased without sacrificing the quality of the application. The compact GZ-6AR/RD is capable of spraying through 38mm inner diameter conveying hoses. 

reed air driven refractory gunning machine

reed air motor refractory gunning machine

GZ-6AR/RD uses an air motor to rotate the machine’s material feed bowl. An air compressor is required to convey material from the feed bowl to the nozzle (sold separately).

reed refractory gunning machine

small refractory gunning machine

Operating Principle of GZ-6AR/RD Air Driven / Pneumatic Motor Refractory Gunning Machine: 

Operating Principle of Refractory Gunning Machine

① The dry material is fed through the hopper down into the pockets of the rotary feed wheel below.
② The rotary feed wheel, driven by a heavy-duty oil bath gear drive, rotates  the mix under the conveying air inlet and material outlet.
③ With the introduction of compressed air, the mix is evacuated from the feed wheel pockets, then travels through the outlet and into the hoses.
④ The dry mix material is then conveyed in suspension through hoses to the nozzle, where water is added, and the water and dry material mix.

air motor gunning machine

mini gunning machine

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