Multi-layer stainless steel frame filter

  • Model: 400
  • Layer: 10
  • Filtering area(m²): 1.25
  • Filter size(mm): 400
  • Filter media(um): 0.8
  • Filter pressure(Mpa): 0.15

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  • multi-layer stainless steel frame filter press
  • stainless steel filter press
  • stainless steel filter press
■ Description
Multi-layer stainless steel frame filter press is used for solid-liquid separation of a variety of suspension. Stainless steel filter press is applied widely in pharmacy industry, food and beverage industry, wine and beer making, chemical industry, water processing, textile industry, environment protection, and so on. The suspension is pumped into every closed room, under pressure, filtrate go through filter layers, discharge from outlet, leaving residue in the frames to form into filter cakes.
The equipment is multi-layer plate frame filter, which is applicable to the process operation with the requirements of fine filtration and semi-fine filtration such as purification, sterilization and defecation with sealed filtration in the liquid with low viscosity and little slagging content under the concentration of 50%.
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