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Diesel mixer machine operation application


Portable concrete mixer with diesel engine is widely used in building site, road and bridge project, and many other construction sites. It is of bigger capacity, self-falling type. It is suitable for mixing plastic and low-slump concrete.

Electric small concrete pump: 

diesel concrete mixer with pump

Portable concrete mixing with the diesel engine is widely used in construction sites, road and bridge project, and many other construction sites. This is a bigger capacity, self - falling type. Diesel concrete mixer machine is suitable for mixed plastics and low slump concrete.

Application of our Electric small portable concrete pump with mixer:

portable concrete mixer application

Diesel concrete mixer machine application

Before the operation, you should start the mixer machine no-load operation. Make sure that the direction of rotation of the agitator or blades is the same as the direction indicated by the arrow on the cylinder. For reversing the discharge of the mixer, the mixing cylinder should be positive and reverse run for several minutes, and should be no impact jitter phenomenon and abnormal noise.

mixer machine


After the start of the small concrete mixer, the stirring cylinder should be reached after the normal number of revolutions. Water should be added in time. Each time the mixing material is not allowed to exceed the rated capacity of the mixer and the material sticky tank phenomenon should be reduced. The order of addition should be stone - cement - sand or order should be sand - cement - stone.

mixer machine

Operation, should observe the operation of the machinery, when there is abnormal or bearing temperature rose too high, it should stop inspection; when the need for maintenance, the mixing cylinder should be clear the concrete, and then overhaul.
After the operation, the
diesel mixer machine should be fully cleaned.

concrete mixer machine

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