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GF100 Large bridge head road base backfill foam concrete machine

  • Model: GF100
  • The actual output (m³/h): 70-100
  • Foam capacity(m³/h): 60-70
  • Horizontal max. pumping distance(m): 1000
  • Vertical max. pumping distance(m): 110
  • Over dimension(mm): 4000×1810×2450

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■ Description
Foam concrete, also called Cellular Lightweight Concrete, has been used in over 40 countries for building houses, apartments, schools, hospitals, industrial buildings, etc.
GF100 Large bridge head road base backfill foam concrete machine includes screw conveyor, concrete mixer, foam generator and foam concrete pump, adopts advanced automatic PLC intelligent control system, high-definition intelligent touch screen operation, which can realize precise control of product bulk density, automatic weighing of slurry, instantaneous and cumulative flow display, etc. It is the most automated foam concrete production equipment. It can meet all large-scale projects such as road surface filling and abutment backfilling for the quality of foam concrete.

large capacity foam concrete machine

foam concrete machine for platform filling and mending

Working principle of GF100 backfilling foam concrete machine:
1. Cement, sand, etc. raw material mixed in the concrete mixer into slurry;
2. Then slurry and foam are mixed evenly;
3. After natural conservation, foam concrete forms;
4. Next, the foam concrete will be pumped out from the pumping system to the work site or mold;
5. With the help of a foam generator, a foam agent can produce foam fully and mechanically. The foams are rich and fine, independent and homogeneous.

foam concrete

Benefits of foam concrete:
1. Lightweight: Dry density 400 kg/m^3 -1600kg/m^3 , 1/8-1/2 as light as common concrete.
2. High Compression Strength: Compression strength is ranging from 0.6 MPa to 25 MPa, 4 times as traditional aerated concrete.
3. Thermal Insulation: Good heat preservation and good thermal insulation.
4. Impermeability: Low water-intake rate and high impermeability.
5. Saving cost: Easy and fast production. No primary energy and reduced transportation costs.

lightweight foam concrete 

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