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The application of road marking machine


With the rapid development of urbanization process, the application of road marking machine become more and more extensive. Such as, directional and traffic indications, for marking of highway, applicable to road axis of provincial, notional and municipal high and airport, parking lot and countryside road, roadway, stabling siding, dotted line, real line, arrow etc.

Road marking machine is divided into thermoplastic road marking machine, cold paint road marking machine and two component road marking machine.

Thermoplastic road marking machine:

The thermoplastic road marking machine need be together with thermoplastic kettle. The thermoplastic kettle will solid paint melting and pure into the hopper of road marking machine, begin to marking work by the different size shoe. The operator can change the different specification shoe according to the project requirement. As the same time, glass bead broad casting machine synchronously sow glass bead, which plays the role of reflection.

Thermoplastic road marking machine

Cold paint road marking machine:

The cold paint road marking machine uses gasoline engine to drive the single plunger pump and makes the dope in high pressure inside of the engine to spray, so that the lines are uniform in thickness and angles.The direction bar of gun shelf can be adjusted up and down, which can conveniently adjust the width of the spray.

Cold paint road marking machine

Two component road marking machine:

Two-component road marking machine is a kind of high-end road marking machine which is formed in recent years. It is different from the physical drying method such as temperature dropping or solvent (water) volatilization. By the internal chemical crosslinking formed into a new type of marking line.

Two component road marking machine

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