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The application of chamber filter press in treatment of salt slurry


Chamber filter press is a kind of intermittent operation of filtration equipment, applied to various suspension of solid-liquid separation, separation effect is pretty good. It is widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, dye, metallurgy, medicine, food and other industries.

hydraulic chamber filter press

Today let us talk about our chamber filter equipment’s application in treatment of salt slurry.

Press the salt slurry into the chamber filter press by pump, when the feeding pressure is 0.4Mpa, stop feeding; Start the washing pump, wash the cake for 5-8 minutes, when the filtrate is clear, stop washing; Then open the air valve, blow salt mud in the filter press, when there is no filtrate flow, turn off the air inlet valve. Close the press valve and open the vent valve, start discharging salt mud filter cake; Collect the filtrate in the storage barrel, then sent to next process to get salt.

The dry cake can be buried in the earth deeply, which not only reduces salt consumption of caustic soda production, but also solves the pollution of salt mud emissions.

Application of chamber filter


Application of chamber filter equipment



For the chamber filter press, we have many models. If you have need, you can contact us at
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