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Trailer Concrete Pump: How to Improve Pumping Efficiency


Do you know how to improve the pumping efficiency of concrete pump? Many trailer concrete pump is pumping concrete everyday, but the efficiency is lower than others. Let us see how to quickly improve the efficiency of trailer concrete pump.

1. Operator and related manager should read the usage instruction of concrete pump, understanding its structure, principle, usage, and maintain, and the related knowledge of concrete.

2. The ground supporting trailer concrete pump should be flat, hard; the whole machine should be placed horizontally, it shouldn’t be slant during working. The support legs should support the whole machine steady, and lock or fix it reliably. The placement of pump machine should be convenient to concrete mixer carrier to inlet and outlet or feed material into hopper, and we also consider that it is good for pumping pipe and reducing the lose of pumping pressure, and the same time the concrete pump should be close to pouring work site, it is convenient to supply electric power and water.

3. Conveying pipe should be matched as per the features of work site and the solution of concrete pouring, when designing the length of pipe, it should calculate the horizontal distance of pipe line whether it is suitable for the pumping distance of concrete pump. Please try your best to shorten the length of pipe when designing the pipe, less use bend pipe and hose pipe. The pipe line of conveying pipe should be convenient to be cleaned, disencumber, installation and maintain. When the new pipe is mixing used with old pipe, the new pipe should be installed at where the pressure is bigger. And it should print the simple drawing of pipe line when designing pipe, listing all the specification and quantity of kinds of pipes, pipe clip, bend pipe and hose, and supply a detailed list.

4. During pumping, as long as the pumping pressure is rising up, pipe will be moved by pumping impact force, which it is not only wasting pumping pressure, but also the connection between pipe and pipe keeping the state of impact and pull discontinuously, which make pipe clip and rubber ring damaged too early, cement paste is filling, so concrete pump must be fixed.

5. After trailer concrete pump with mixer is connect with conveying pipe, you should check it as per the instruction of concrete pump, after meeting all the requirement then turn one the machine to unload. It need to unload for 10 minuters, double check kinds of parts or system whether it is work normally. 

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