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The application of sludge filter equipment in paper pulp treatment


Now the problem of pollution is more and more serious, and the waste of resources is important increasingly.

Therefore , the secondary use of resources , the sustainable development of production has been more and more brought to the attention of the people andthe manufacturer .

worksite of sludge filter press

filter cake

In our paper production industry, the treatment of sludge is one important step. The sludge is easy to become smelly, but it contains is a lot of fiber, which is easy to recycle. Wasting the sludge directly is a little regrettable. In addition, the factories couldn’t make pollution when proceeding used material. So if we want to realize clean production, a complete decontamination chain is necessary. 

The application of our sludge filter press in paper pulp treatment greatly facilitate the secondary use of sludge. It also makes a very good foreshadowing for making sludge into cardboard and life treatment. 

For the sludge filter equipment, we have several types for you choice as below:

Membrane Filter Press

membrane filter equipment

Hydraulic Automatic Filter Press

Automatic high Pressure filter press

Hydraulic filter press

 hot sale Hydraulic filter press

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