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Application of hydroseeder


With the development of highway technology, which has greatly promoted the development of productive forces. But it also forms a large number of bare slope in the construction of mountain highway, not only destroyed the road landscape, but also cause soil erosion. Using hydroseeder technology can achieve three-dimensional green, restore natural vegetation and meet the requirements of environmental protection under the difficult prevailing conditions or poor green grass and shrub rock slope. In short, hydroseeder technoloy plays an increasingly important role in the slope protection and slope greening.

Application of hydroseeder

hydroseeder used in the slope protection and slope greening

Hydroseeder make soil form aggregate structure by adding agglomerates agent. Reinforced fiber can reinforced network which plays a role similar to the plant roots. And then create a certain thickness of the wind rain erosion resistant, strong and breathable, with natural topsoil similar or better porous soil structure stability.


Techniques of hydroseeder

1. seeding substrate is an important factor to ensure the success of seeding.

2. water retention agents and adhesive usage.

3. hanging nets. First anchor at a certain pitch is fixed to the walls, and then hanging. 4. Select the grass seeding of grass should be developed root system.

PB Series Soil Spraying Machine

Chinese diesel hydroseeder


Chinese diesel hydroseeder


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