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The domestic present situation of the application of foam concrete: block filling of lightweight wallboard, rounding

2014-11-12 17:33:37

The domestic present situation of the application of foam concrete: block filling of lightweight wallboard, rounding
Foam concrete as a new environmental protection building materials (why do we put the foam concrete as a new type construction material?), in the domestic application in spread slowly, at present, mainly used in the production of foam concrete block, foam concrete insulation board production, the roadbed filling, below small make up and learn together in these aspects, the application of the foam concrete details:
Pay more and more attention to building energy conservation in our country, along with the implementation of the related to building energy conservation policy, wall materials reform has made remarkable achievements, energy-saving materials.Foam concrete with its good features, has been used in energy-saving wall materials, also obtained the application in other ways.At present, the foam concrete application in our country are as follows.
1, the application of foam concrete block
Foam concrete block is in foam concrete wall materials are one of the biggest material.Area in the south of China, general use level is 900-1200 kg/m3 density of foam concrete block as infilled wall frame structure, main is to use the block heat insulation performance is good and the characteristics of light weight, high strength.Especially in the most used in guangdong province, is the province of foam concrete block's annual consumption of 600000 square meters.In the north, foam concrete block is mainly used as wall insulation, table 1 for guangzhou city new building materials development co., LTD. The production performance of the foam concrete block.
Harbin construction university developed a polystyrene foam concrete block, and applies it to the city building construction.Such as styrofoam block aggregate, cement and fly ash as a gelled material, add a small amount of admixture, classics agitate, moulding and natural curing, its specifications for 200 * 200 * 200 mm, and can be used for internal and external nonbearing wall materials, can also be used for roof insulation material.It has a high quality light, small coefficient of thermal conductivity, frost resistance, fire prevention, simple production, low cost, convenient construction.Its technical and economic comparison table with sintered clay brick are shown in table 2.
2, foam concrete light-quality partitions
Currently used in buildings is the main material of household and office partition GRC lightweight wallboard, due to its raw material price is higher, affect the popularization and application.China building materials science research institute adopts GRC partition board production technology combining with the results of solid foaming agent and foam cement, developed a bubble of fly ash cement production technology of light-quality partitions, and obtained the application.This product adopts the raw materials are as follows: 30% to 40% of fly ash, 45% 65% of sulphur aluminate cement, 0-15% of the expanded perlite, and a certain volume of foam.Compared with traditional GRC lightweight wallboard, the use of foam concrete production technology, not only can significantly reduce the cost of the products, and greatly improve the fluidity of the slurry forming is more convenient.The physical and mechanical properties of the product are shown in table 3.
3, foam concrete foundation filling application
Modern architecture design and construction of more and more attention to the building in the free settling in the process of construction., due to the different building group weight of each part in the construction process will produce free differential settlement, in the process of building design requirements in buildings lower portion of its weight basis must fill in soft materials, used as compensation foundation.Foam concrete can well meet the requirements of material compensation foundation.Prices in Beijing, for example, part of the foundation, the casting thickness is 150 mm, the compressive strength is 0.10 + / - 0.02 Mpa, the density of less than 200 kg/m3 foam concrete, achieved good effect.According to field test, the low density of the foam concrete strength can be controlled well within the scope of the design, and has good compressibility.

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