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Foam concrete preparation technology of the world

2014-11-12 17:40:24

Foam concrete preparation technology of the world
Foam concrete as a kind of new building materials, widely used, to say the technological progress rapidly, current Japan already has a more advanced preparation technology of concrete.
Used Japanese protein content to add just the right amount of cationic surfactants with a mixture of foaming agent, the in-situ casting molding technology, successfully developed new technology of concrete cast-in-situ bubble.
Total hair bubble is used in protein mixed with 0.1% - 5% of cationic surfactant and matching, using quaternary ammonium salt cationic surfactant.There are three kinds of its preparation methods: one is to mix water, protein content, cationic surfactant, the foam, foaming agent machine again into cement slurry mixing, preparation of foam slurry, cast-in-situ molding;Is a kind of mixing water, protein content, cationic surfactant, the high speed mixer foam, then injecting cement slurry, foam slurry preparation;A foam is according to the second method, while adding a small amount of cement, while stirring, preparation of foamed cement slurry, including preparation methods of the former is better.
The preparation method of cast-in-situ concrete not only light weight, high strength, fireproof, even more striking is without autoclave curing, cast-in-situ can forming, energy-saving effect is remarkable.

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