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Foam concrete the latest foreign technology application situation is introduced

2014-11-12 17:23:33

Foam concrete the latest foreign technology application situation is introduced
Compared with the foreign foam concrete application scope, the application of the domestic is "very weak", foam concrete application is relatively widely abroad, main areas of application include: retaining wall, the runway arena, composite wall, backfilling for pipeline and so on.Below is the details about foam concrete application scope abroad:
The United States, Britain, the Netherlands, European and American countries such as Canada, and Japan, South Korea and other Asian countries, make full use of good properties of foamed concrete, it application in construction engineering field expands unceasingly, sped up the construction schedule, improve the quality of engineering and are summarized as follows.
1 foam concrete is used as the retaining wall
Mainly used for port dike.Foam concrete onshore wall used as a lightweight backfill materials can reduce vertical load, also reduced the other side of the wall of the lateral load.This is because the foam concrete is a kind of rigid body with good bonding properties, it is not along the other side of the wall surrounding the lateral pressure, settling down, reduce maintenance cost, thereby saving a lot of spending.
Foam concrete can be used to improve the stability of embankment slope, use it to replace part of the soil slope, due to the reduced quality, thereby reducing the forces affecting the stability of slope.
Used to reduce the density of foam concrete of lateral pressure is 400-600 kg/m3.
2, foam concrete used in building stadiums and track the runway
Using drainage capability of permeable foam concrete as a lightweight, lined with gravel or artificial turf, as a playground use.The density of foam concrete is 800-900 kg/m3.Such playground for hockey, soccer and tennis activities.Or on the foam concrete cover with a 0.05 m thick layer of porous asphalt layer and plastic layer, is to make a track and field runways.
3, foam concrete used for sandwich structures
At the time of precast reinforced concrete member foam concrete can be used as a filling, make its have the good performance of light weight, high strength heat insulation.Usually the density of 400-400 kg/m3 of foam concrete.
4, foam concrete used for used for composite wallboard
Made into various lightweight foam concrete plate, used as a heat insulation filling wall in frame structure or with thin steel plate composite wallboard, the density of foam concrete is usually about 600 kg/m3.
5, foam concrete used for pipeline backfill
Within underground waste oil tank, pipeline (crude oil, chemicals), sewage pipe and other holes is easy to cause fire or landslides, the foamed concrete backfill can solve these future trouble, less cost.The density of foam concrete used depends on the diameter of the pipe and the underground water level, the general is 600-1100 kg/m3.
6, foam concrete used for lean concrete fill layer
Due to the use of flexible hoses, foam concrete has a great deal of work and adaptability, so it is often used for lean concrete fill layer.As insulating for stays request is not high, the density of 1200 kg/m3 of lean concrete fill layer, average thickness of 0.05 m;Such as demanding insulating for stays, the use of the density of 500 kg/m3 lean concrete filling layer, average thickness of 0.1-0.2 m.
7, foam concrete is used as the roof slope
Foam concrete used in roof slope, with light weight, construction speed is quick, the price is low wait for an advantage.Slope is generally 10 mm/m, the thickness of 0.03 0.2 m, the density of 800-800 kg/m3 of foam concrete.
8, foam concrete is used as storage tank bottom foot support
Foam concrete pouring order at steel storage tanks (crude oil, chemicals) installed inside the bottom of the foot, when necessary, also can form a convex foundation, this ensures that the whole of the bottom support in welding at the age of the best stress state, the continuous support can make the tank with the bottom plate.At the same time convex foundation is also easy to clean.The use of foam concrete density is 800-1000 kg/m3.

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