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Small hollow hydraulic cylinder for sale

2020-10-19 13:48:27

Small hollow hydraulic cylinder for sale
Zhengzhou Gaodetec is a manufacturer and supplier engaged in design and manufacturing hydraulic jack since 2012.
Our clients include many of China's largest industrial companies: Petro China, Baosteel, Sinopec, China National Grid, China Railway Construction, Mongolian Gold and Copper Mine, Australian Railway Shield Tunnel Digger, etc. We are always listening to our customers, constantly innovating and constantly improving.

hollow hydraulic cylinder

Our hydraulic cylinder ranges are as follows:
Double acting hydraulic jack/cylinder/ram (50-2000 tons).
Double acting hollow hydraulic jack/cylinder/ram (50-2000 tons).
Single acting hydraulic jack/cylinder/ram (10-100 tons).
Single acting hollow hydraulic jack/cylinder/ram (12-100 tons).
Single acting hydraulic jack/cylinder/ram with lock nut (55-200 tons).
Thin type single acting hydraulic jack/cylinder/ram (10-200 tons).
Synchronous hydraulic jack (10-1000 tons).
Ultrathin hydraulic jack/cylinder/ram (10-200 tons).
Flange type hydraulic jack/cylinder/ram (10-630 tons).
Hydraulic pumps, manual and electric type (max up to 3000bar).
Hydraulic accessories: high pressure oil hose, couplers, seal kits, mainfold, etc.
All the hydraulic jack tonnage, stroke, height can be customized according to client's requirement, we can supply the best quality and serve. Our warranty is 2 years.

small hollow hydraulic cylinder for sale

Small hollow hydraulic cylinders are very durable, especially in larger projects, and are easy to operate and control. Small hollow hydraulic cylinder can be used to lift heavy machinery, bridge engineering, water conservancy engineering, port construction and other equipment. It has a large output, light weight, remote control and other advantages, with my company's high-pressure pump supporting the use of jacks, push, pull, squeeze and other ways of working.

small hollow hydraulic cylinder

Single-acting hollow plunger hydraulic cylinders are suitable for processing, maintenance and traction. The special design of the hollow piston rod allows the tow bar or cable to be lifted or hooped through the hydraulic cylinder, typically for back traction and forward extrusion. Equipped with interchangeable steel reinforced piston base, it can also be used for routine lifting operations.

hollow hydraulic cylinder for sale

This hydraulic cylinder is in the center of the piston and is widely used in nuclear power plants, tunneling projects, foundations and other similar projects. It can be connected to the pre-stress process and can also be used for post-stress bridge engineering.

Double acting hollow hydraulic cylinder is connected with all the design features of single acting hydraulic cylinder and design superiority of double acting hydraulic cylinder, increase its operation and working speed, especially, it can make the best of its hydraulic force in the long stroke engineering.

hollow hydraulic cylinder for sale

1. The back enamel finish improves corrosion resistance.
2. The hollow plunger design allows for pull and thrust.
3. Sleeve thread, easy to fix.
4. All models come with a 3/8''-18NPT coupler and dust cover.
5. Built-in scraper seal can reduce pollution and extend cylinder life.

Our hollow hydraulic cylinders for sale have been widely used in industrial fields such as steel mills, cement industry, chemical and refinery, bridges, railways, highways, hydroelectric power stations, ship repair, construction, construction and maintenance. If you have any need about our small hollow hydraulic cylinder / jack, you can contact us directly, email address: info@gaodetec.com  

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