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Diesel engine hydroseeding machine for sale

2020-10-15 15:06:40

Diesel engine hydroseeding machine for sale

The combination of the diesel engine hydroseeding machine and the traditional civil engineering protection function can effectively realize the greening of the slope. After nearly 20 years of development, our company has produced grouting pumps, grouting pump stations, and other machines such as diesel hydroseeding machine.

diesel engine hydroseeding machine for sale

The construction environment of the diesel engine hydroseeding machine is mainly low-quality rock and hilly slope soil, and the slope beside the road. The main purpose is to mix the organic matter with a large number of clay particles and the soil, and mix it with a coagulant during spraying to play a reinforcement role, thereby forming a viscous structured soil effect. After diesel hydroseeding machine spraying, the soil medium with strong adsorption force is firmly absorbed on the slope by absorbing water, resisting wind and corrosion and preventing soil erosion.

diesel engine hydroseeding machine

The special construction technology and unique construction environment are more conducive to the unique advantages of the diesel hydroseeding machine, which can effectively solve the problems of construction difficulties, lack of soil, high utilization of basic fertilizers, lack of water, and difficulties in natural maintenance. Effectively prevent rain erosion caused by a forestation failure, increase plant growth rate, purify the air, save water, protect the soil from secondary disasters, and restore the lowest plant coverage after one year. The natural ecology of the microbial community establishes a natural circulation system. Restore natural vegetation protection, reduce manual intervention, and increase green coverage. Diesel engine hydroseeding machine for sale is the most effective way for greening, and it can greatly reduce labor cost and reduce material waste.

diesel hydroseeding machine

The sowing area of the diesel engine hydroseeding machine for sale should be managed and maintained in time, soil amendments (such as water-retaining agents) and adhesives should be used to ensure the effect of spraying and seeding, and necessary treatments in the spraying area, including land consolidation and fertilization . In order to meet the spraying requirements, we should choose the correct fertilizer and amount to ensure that the sprayed seeds grow quickly and firmly. The proportion of fiber coating selected for spraying should be sufficient to ensure seed germination and growth, and the spray irrigation plan and irrigation volume should be determined according to weather conditions. In order to ensure a better spraying effect, we can analyze the composition of the sprayed soil, and we can also take appropriate moisturizing measures, select the appropriate grass seeds or stems, and determine the sowing rate. 

 diesel hydroseeding machine manufacturers

We have extensive experience in the production and sales of guest podcasters, and can recommend suitable diesel engineer hydroseeding machine for you. But you should answer the following questions:
1. The project you do: for slope greening or playground greening or other?
2. The total working area.
3. The mixing material do you need? Mixing tank 6000L, 8000L or bigger or smaller?
4. Could you please offer the slope photo which you will spray to us for reference, and what's the height of the slope?

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