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400t hydraulic cylinder lifting pushing jack

2020-10-20 18:24:08

400t hydraulic cylinder lifting pushing jack
400t hydraulic cylinder are divided into 400t hydraulic lifting pushing jack, 400t electric jacks, 400t electro-hydraulic jacks, 400t synchronous jacks, ultra-thin jacks, manual hydraulic jacks, self-locking jacks, and hydraulic jacks. They have the characteristics of compact structure and stable operation. 400t hydraulic cylinder lifting pushing jack is the most widely used jack.
The hydraulic cylinder lifting pushing jack is widely used in large-scale construction engineering equipment, simultaneous lifting and component adjustment, railway, highway and bridge engineering. The safety pressure maintaining device is designed as an internal pressure reducing valve to prevent overload, protect the jack, and ensure safe operation. Multiple simultaneous distribution valves are designed, which can control the lifting and lowering of the jack, and realize the lifting synchronization at any time. The equipment connection between the high-pressure hose and the threaded pipe joint has the advantages of safety and ease of use, and overcomes the shortcomings of oil leakage of traditional quick joints. 

400t hydraulic cylinder lifting pushing jack

According to the control method of the hydraulic oil circuit, the 400t hydraulic lifting push jack can be divided into two categories: single acting hydraulic jack and double acting hydraulic jack. The double acting hydraulic jack has two ports, which are controlled by a two-way electric oil pump and the lifting movement is controlled by a hydraulic valve. The single acting hydraulic cylinder lifting pushing jack has a pipe and is powered by a one-way electric oil pump or a manual hydraulic pump. 

400t hydraulic cylinder

As a synchronous jack, 400t hydraulic lifting pushing jack is widely used in bridge construction. Bridge construction project is very complex; the reliability of equipment directly affects the success of the project. The 400t hydraulic cylinder jack provides a reliable guarantee for the application of bridge components such as supporting and lifting. In bridge installation, electric pump stations supply power to 4 ~ 32 or more jacks, and synchronous jacks can be used to install or replace bridge support MATS. With the increase in traffic, it is becoming increasingly urgent to strengthen roads, Bridges and overpasses. We can increase the traffic by adding terminals, by distributing the bridge load equally between the new terminal and the new terminal. Replace the seat with an ultra-thin jack or a self-locking jack to eventually increase the load. We have rich experience in jack sales; we can provide you with the most suitable choice.

400t hydraulic cylinder jack

The uses of 400t hydraulic lifting pushing jack:
1. Bridge maintenance, bearing replacement.
2. Heavy structure lifting, lowering and metering.
3. Center of gravity measurement, improved support/load transfer from temporary support to fixed support.
4. Heavy equipment installation, bridge head part reassembly, box reassembly.

hydraulic cylinder lifting pushing jack

If you are interested in the 400t hydraulic lifting pushing jack, please contact us! Email: info@gaodetec.com

400t hydraulic lifting pushing jack

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