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Slurry pump Applications

2014-12-18 09:15:02

Slurry pump known as impurities, and most belong to a centrifugal slurry pump.
As the name suggests is a kind of slurry pump can transport larger particles containing impurity, or delivery centrifugal slurry containing abrasive particle type, corrosive impurities.
According to the structure in the form of slurry pumps are generally divided into two kinds of vertical and horizontal slurry pump slurry pump, slurry pump in accordance with the use of the occasion is divided into two kinds of wear-resistant slurry pumps and corrosion.
Vertical slurry pump drive end at the top of the pump can be directly connected or variable speed belt drive, pump slurry pump part deep inside. Slurry pond deeper depth can be lengthened. Reamer can be installed at the bottom of the pump to prevent slurry deposition (but not used as much as possible)
Horizontal slurry pump is generally a single-stage, single-suction, cantilevered, double-pump shell structure, such as ZJ series slurry, ZGB series slurry pump, AH, HH series slurry pumps, etc., but there are also single-hull pump structure, as ZJD series, KFD series.
Wear resistant slurry pump flow components are generally made of high-chromium alloy, so the series of wear-resistant alloy material after a heat treatment has a high hardness (HRC58-62) and double corrosion resistant properties, is used in large slurry pump upper part, the main representative designated Cr27 and 15CrMo3, but more expensive due to the cost of the latter, in actual use is not proportional to the service life and cost, so the use of less. Cr27 material due to the relative low cost and excellent abrasion resistance is widely used.
As the previous slurry pump wear and expensive, can not be accepted by most users, mainly used in mining industry, transport tailings washing powder or concentrate, coal washing industry supporting filter medium and heavy transport, fire or large-scale power plant boiler slag system, river or sea bottom sand projects, with the increase in slurry pump technology increasingly open and manufacturer, slurry pump prices have become more reasonable, is also widely applied to all walks of life .
With the gradual strengthening of slurry pump products are widely used and competition, all kinds of slurry pump wear-resistant materials have also appeared, but it is worth reminding you that the degree of wear-resistant slurry pump is a comprehensive factors, not a the increase will be more wear-resistant alloy elements, many manufacturers and even played Cr28, Cr30 and other brands to attract procurement unit, the actual effect is not necessarily suitable slurry pump factory product technical improvements (iron - transport tailings, slurry concentration 40%) when tested no less than a dozen kinds of materials, ideally Shijiazhuang Weiyuan magazine Pumps KMB26CrVM0 (Shijiazhuang Weiyuan pump grades, specific unknown) material, the service life is more than double Cr27 basic material, but there are Cr27 expensive than the cost of defect (represent my opinion, no meaning for manufacturers to advertise).
Slurry can be divided into anti-corrosion and anti-alkali slurry pump slurry pump acid, anti-alkali and mild acidic slurry pump slurry can be used Cr27 material, the use of PH value of 4.5-13.
Acid resistant rubber lined slurry pumps can be divided alloy material slurry pumps and slurry pumps.
Rubber lined slurry pumps before anti-acid used mainly natural rubber material, the acid resistance is very strong, but because the material has a fear of planning and base case hardening defects only for the delivery head is not high (low impeller speed line), not magazine slurry containing sharp edges, but it is suitable for transporting slurry containing fine powder of impurities (such as iron powder factory delivery), and low prices.
With the improvement of productivity of a large number of new corrosion-resistant materials are also widely used in products to corrosion slurry pump, such as engineering plastics, polymer materials, including Anhui Wannan Fluorine Plastic Pump Co., good products. But its drawback is the poor wear resistance.
Acid resistant alloy material slurry pumps, the most typical representative should A49 material is mainly used for desulfurization system, but the price is very expensive.

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