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Well drilling rig and drilling technology

2014-12-18 11:27:55

Drilling rig is the use of mechanical equipment, certain attempts drilled perforations projects in the formation. Its rock crushing manner and in accordance with the type of drilling tools, drilling techniques can be divided into Dayton and rotary drilling techniques.
1. Dayton drill, impact drill, also known as the general wire rope to the bottom of the Dayton drill, power-driven beam mechanism, so that the beam up and down movement, and drive up and down the rope and drill produce shock effect, thereby crushing rock. Dayton drilling equipment is simple, low cost, no oil pollution, but it ROP slow, inefficient, drilling shallow, can not meet the requirements of complex formation and deep, gradually being replaced by rotary drilling.
2. Rotate the drill is in favor of cutting or grinding effect produced when rotating drill broken rock. Is the most common drilling techniques. It's fast Beaton drilling, and easy to handle well collapse, blowouts and other complex situations.
Power transmission mode by rotating the dial diamond drilling has divided the country and downhole drilling two kinds.
(1) rotary drilling rig is a device turntable, turntable center square holes, drill string Gaode drill through the hole, then under the drill pipe and drill bit, when powered turntable, driven rotary drill string and drill together thereby crushing rock, boring drilling. This technique has a significant disadvantage is that together with the rotating drill pipe and drill bit, drilling deeper, the more the use of the drill pipe, the turntable driven by the greater weight, the wear on the drill pipe increases exponentially, energy consumption will gradually increase until the power machine overload so far.
(2) downhole drilling is conducive to downhole drill, drill drive broken rock, drill during drilling, drill does not rotate, reduce drill wear and increases the life of the drill pipe, reducing energy consumption for drilling deeper drilling. However, this technology is relatively complex, drilling equipment by function into the rotating system, improve the system, mud circulating system, device manufacturers and application of technical difficulty are high, not suitable for small drilling companies.

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