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Cement mixer safe operating procedures 2

2014-12-17 16:34:15

9. Before discharging the concrete mixer, the mixing tube should be rotated at 10-12 rev / min speed 1
Minutes, then nesting.
10. concrete mixer discharge is completed, you should immediately turn on the water to the inlet hose with a lorry, a hopper and discharge chute and other parts of rinse, drain and residual adhesive dirt throughout the body in concrete, and then to the stirred water 150-200L barrel of water, stirring to make his way back slowly rotating drum to clean the inner wall, to avoid residual material residue attached to the cylinder wall and stir the leaves, and again before loading these water discharge out.
11. When transporting concrete mixer concrete, the engine speed at 1000-1400 rev / min within the range of work in order to have the maximum torque of the engine, in the process of transporting the concrete, the speed should not exceed 40km / h, to ensure traffic safety.
12. The cement mixer work is completed, the mixing tube should be cleaned inside and body, can not make the rest of the concrete to remain in the barrel.
13. When the pump working cement mixer, prohibit idling, not to exceed 15 minutes of continuous use.
14. The concrete mixer water tank to keep the full, for emergencies, after a winter shutdown, should water tanks, pumps, pipes, mixing barrel water put the net, and parked in the sun, no water in the place, in order to avoid freezing machinery.
15. The mixer should be installed in the winter insulation sleeve and use antifreeze to protect mixer, replace the fuel grade as the weather changes, to ensure the normal use of machinery.
16. In the inspection, repair cement mixer hydraulic transmission parts, should the engine and pump under no pressure situation.
17. adjust the gap ministries concrete mixer, stroke, pressure, full-time security staff should check consent; When replacing parts, must be signed by the Minister or competent manager, otherwise there is a problem after prosecute those responsible.

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