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When slope greening hydroseeder equipment working in winter

2020-02-18 16:29:43

When slope greening hydroseeder equipment working in winter

Matters needing attention when spraying and planting grass on slope greening equipment in winter, the temperature is low, the air is dry, and the slope greening equipment needs to pay attention to the planting of grass:

One: When the temperature is low for a long time, how to deal with it?
First Specific countermeasures when the slope greeening hydroseeding machine working :
(1) In the spraying substrate, the amount of grass fiber and sawdust should be increased, both of which have the function of heat preservation and moisture retention, and the grass fiber can also increase the connectivity of the soil.
(2) After spraying is completed, replace the non-woven fabric with a straw curtain.

8000L hydroseeding machine

Two: When the temperature is below zero, the water in the soil freezes and expands, causing the soil sprayed on the slope to fluff and collapse.

Second specific countermeasures when the slope greeening hydroseeder machine working paling grass:

(1) Adopt imported adhesives instead of domestic adhesives, because the molecular structure of imported adhesives is more stable when the temperature is low.
(2) Cover the straw curtain to reduce the amount of water evaporation.
(3) Increase the amount of grass fiber used.
(4) Net anchors should be denser and auxiliary anchors should be increased by 10%.
(5) The mesh sub-grid is denser.

Guest soil sprayer machine

As a slope greening hydroseeding equipment, the sprayer often appears in our daily greening. This is well known, but when it comes to the guest soil sprayer, it is a little fuss. Generally used in slope greening projects. The technicians use the equipment to make some high-quality culture medium in the rock and soil slope area where the vegetation is damaged in a large area in a short time, so that the slope can be quickly formed. Not only can improve the safety of the slope, but also can effectively reduce soil erosion.

hydroseeding machine working

Guest soil sprayers hydroseeder machine have many advantages. First, it is a complete machine without support for generators and air compressors. And it requires less manpower, usually two or three people can operate it. The range is also very long. Generally speaking, it can spray at a height of about 70 meters, which also determines its efficiency. About 2,000 square meters can be built every day.

Our Gaode Equipment is specialized in the production of guest soil spraying hydroseeding equipment manufacturers, we have many tpes for you option, like 8000L hydroseeding machine, 6000L hydroseeder machine, like 5000L slope greening equipemnt, 4000L guest soil sprayer hydroseeding machine etc, We can also customize according to customer requirements, like FINN hydroseeding machine type.

slope greening hydroseeder equipment

The nutrient floor formed after the construction has an excellent soil structure, which can fully resist the erosion of heavy rainfall and wind erosion, effectively inhibit soil erosion, and protect the slope. It protects the slope. Form woody plants and tree communities to ensure plant diversity, coordinate with the surrounding original vegetation environment, effectively resist pests and diseases, and protect the ecological environment. Landscape restoration is strong.

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