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Foam concrete machine for casting wall

2020-02-19 16:42:17

Foam concrete machine for casting wall
Foam concrete, also known as foam cement, has been developed in domestic and foreign markets for many years, and its technology and market are quite mature. As a building energy-saving material, foam concrete is widely used in: roof insulation, floor heating engineering, indoor and outdoor cushions, indoor and outdoor insulation, non-load-bearing walls, new energy-saving bricks, earthquake resistance, sound insulation and other construction projects, resulting in huge economic and social benefits. Now, we talk about wall casting foam concrete made by wall casting foam concrete machine. 

foam concrete machine for wall casting

Foamed concrete made by wall casting foam concrete machine can also be used to improve the stability of embankment slopes, replacing some of the soil on the slopes, which reduces the force affecting the stability of the slopes due to the reduced mass.

wall casting foam concrete machine

Foamed concrete made by wall casting foam concrete machine can be used as the inner core in the prefabricated reinforced concrete members, which makes it have good performance of light and high heat insulation. Foamed concrete with a density of 400 - 600 kg/m3 is usually used.
Choosing a good cement foaming agent can effectively improve the strength of wall casting foam concrete. A good cement foaming agent can form a bright closed hole in the wall casting foam concrete machine, which greatly improves the density of the bubble wall and improves the strength. A good cement blowing agent can be used at a low water to cement ratio, and the lower the water to cement ratio, the higher the strength.

Foam agent

As to our foam agent, its main contain is plant protein, which is a transparent liquid. It's non-toxic, no sediment, non-corrosive to cement and metal, environmental friendly and easy to store, warranty is 3 years, has excellent foaming characteristics and foam stability. 
If you are interested in wall casting foam concrete, we can provide wall casting foam concrete machine. If you want to know more about the foam concrete wall machine, please feel free to contact us.  

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