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DTH drilling machine for quarry project

2020-02-20 12:37:35

DTH drilling machine for quarry project
Our quarry used DTH drilling machine electric & penumatic blasthole drill is designed for coal, ferrous and non-ferrous metal mining, chemical, railway, road, water and electricity, military and other tunneling engineering applications. It is special useful for rugged and accidented areas where other DTH drilling rig cannot work normally. Because our rock drilling rig is easily to install and disassemble, convenient to move.

rock driling rig and mine drilling rig

The DTH drilling rig drills holes with a diameter of 60-160 milli meters (2 - 7 inches) with a depth from 15 to 80m in mine or blasting hole application. This powerful machine offers superior productivity both for hard rock and soft rock drilling. And for hard rock and soil place, we will use two deffieret drill bit for your work. For blasting hole in hard rock place, we will use alloy steel drill bit, and for soil place, the three-wing drill will be a better choice for you.

Rock mine drilling rig

The principle of quarry used DTH drilling machine is intermittent impact rock (ore) rock, which continuously rotates. The impact mechanism of the DTH drilling rig is installed at the front end of the drill pipe, the bottom of the hole, the piston directly impacts the drill bit, and continuously advances with the extension of the drilling hole.

mine drilling rig

Down-the-hole drilling rigs are named after the impactor dives into the bottom of the hole. The drilling rig uses the piston in the impact mechanism to complete the impact action of the impact drill, and the metallurgical equipment rotation mechanism realizes the rotation action. The adjustment of the propulsive force by the pressure regulating mechanism completes the drilling work efficiently, and the lifting and amplitude adjustment of the drilling rig is completed by the mechanism. Various actions are controlled by the operating mechanism. The support mechanism may be a stand or a drill carriage. The formation of anomalous rock during drilling), the gas or water flowing between the drill pipe and the hole wall is discharged to the outside of the hole.

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