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Self-priming wastewater treatment hose pump

2022-08-17 15:06:13

Gaodetec manufactures reliable hose pumps ideal for fluid transfer and metering in water and wastewater treatment (WWT) plants. Self-priming wastewater pump can easily transport viscous and abrasive fluids.

wastewater treatment hose pump

Our self-priming wastewater hose pumps are suitable for low to high pressure fluid transfer applications. Whether you need high flow, high pressure or low pressure pumps, we have fluid flow solutions for you.

self-priming wastewater hose pump

Our hoses have long life and low maintenance costs, wastewater hose pumps require less maintenance time and are very low cost compared to other pumps used in wastewater treatment processes.

self-priming wastewater pump

The range of wastewater peristaltic hose pumps can be used as sewage pumps or sludge transfer pumps for sludge treatment and reprocessing, offering many ideal solutions for municipal and industrial water treatment plants.

self-priming wastewater treatment hose pump

Industrial self-priming wastewater pump features:
1. No valve operation, no backflow, stable pumping flow and low failure rate.
2. Freely replace the suction port and discharge port. When the pump is blocked, the reversible pump can drain the blockage.
3. High vacuum degree and strong self-priming ability.
4. Easy maintenance, wearing parts (except for the extrusion hose).
5. Configure a variety of options. Electric pumps can be controlled by variable frequency drives, and fixed speed drives are also available.

wastewater hose pump

Typical applications of wastewater peristaltic hose pump in water and wastewater treatment processes:
1. Dosing potassium hydroxide for disinfection.
2. Transfer dewatered sludge for disposal.
3. Dosing sodium hypochlorite for disinfection.
4. Transfer of activated sludge in secondary treatment.
5. Potassium permanganate for oxidation and disinfection.
6. Add sodium bisulfite to adjust PH.
7. Ferric chloride and alum injection in primary treatment.
8. Lime milk or lime slurry transfer for PH adjustment.
9. Powdered activated Carbon for odor control in tertiary treatment.
10. Sodium hydroxide for PH control and cyanide removal.
11. Sludge clarifiers for the removal of suspended solids in primary treatment plants.
12. Transfer, batching, truck unloading and recycling lime milk or lime slurry.
13. Adding fluoride to public water supply in tertiary treatment stage to improve drinking water quality.
14. Anionic and cationic polymer injection for phosphate removal, coagulation and filtration.

wastewater peristaltic hose pump

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