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Chemical slurry medium transfer hose pump

2022-09-02 18:36:48

The initial investment of the chemical slurry medium transfer hose pump is relatively large, but only the hose needs to be replaced later. Hoses are relatively cheap and easy to replace. The slurry transfer hose pump itself does not require cleaning. The other two types of pumps, air-operated diaphragm pumps require back pressure valves and exhaust valves, and single-screw pumps require expensive seals. In addition, the cleaning of these two kinds of pumps is very complicated, and the later cost can be considered. to 75% of the initial cost, and relatively speaking.

chemical slurry medium transfer hose pump

It's also more complicated. After calculating the time cost, the combined cost comparison shows that the pump is superior. The size of the hose directly affects the flow, and the inner diameter of the hose determines the flow.

slurry hose pump

The inner diameter is proportional to the flow rate. Wall thickness affects the compression and rebound capabilities of the hose, and also has a great impact on the life of the hose.

transfer hose pump

Specific applications of transfer hose pumps:
1. Transportation of drilling mud, gasoline, kerosene, etc., and fuel oil in the stone industry.
2. Acids, alkalis, salts and materials in the chemical industry are transported to industrial hose pumps, titanium dioxide materials are transported to industrial hose pumps, calcium citrate is transported to industrial hose pumps, etc.; crystallization liquid, suspension, latex, resin, Transportation of ooze and various materials and liquids.
3. Smelting industry, industrial hose pump for conveying slurry, industrial hose pump for conveying anode mud, industrial hose pump for purifying and filtering pressure, industrial hose pump for conveying rare metal liquid.
4. Slurry industrial hose pump, lime slurry industrial hose pump, impurity industrial hose pump in water treatment and desulfurization industries.
5. Conveying cement mortar in the construction industry.
6. Material transportation in the food industry.
7. Industrial hose pump for conveying pulp and sulfur pulp in paper industry.
8. Industrial hose pump for conveying ceramic glaze slurry in ceramic industry.
9. The paint industry transports materials with poor fluidity such as paint, coating, latex, etc.
10. Toothpaste, lotion, shampoo, conditioner, etc. in the cosmetic industry.
11. Yeast, diatomaceous earth, wine tanks, syrups, ingredients, concentrates, gas-liquid mixtures in the beer industry.

self priming transfer hose pump

chemical medium transfer hose pump

slurry transfer hose pump


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