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Road line painting truck for sale

2018-06-14 18:14:07

Road marking commonly used thermoplastic road marking equipment are: hand-push thermoplastic marking machine, truck-mounted thermoplastic marking machine, vehicle booster thermoplastic road marking machine. Compared with 20 years ago, hand-push thermoplastic road marking machines are old. Especially in the road marking project, it has gradually been replaced by a vehicle booster thermoplastic road marking machine with higher construction efficiency, stronger safety, and lower human cost. The line machine is followed by a thread or an auxiliary line device that draws some complicated graphics (such as arrows, text, etc.) with its own flexibility. The vehicle booster thermoplastic road marking machine is a kind of high construction efficiency, high marking quality and high safety. Sexual and environmental friendly high-end highway marking equipment. Compared with other small-scale marking equipment, the ride-type marking machine has a larger capacity of paint cans and glass bead cans to ensure uninterrupted marking construction over a longer distance. The tumble automatic mixing system installed in the coating tank can ensure that the heating (insulation) coating in the tank is fully mixed to ensure that the coating used for construction released from the tank is stable in structure and uniform in composition, thereby improving the durability of the construction marking. The marking line construction of ride-type road marking machines is very efficient, and the amount of one-hour marking of a ride-type marking machine can be worth 2-3 sets of traditional hand-push type marking machines to work together for a whole day. The amount. Moreover, the longer the construction time, the greater the gap between the two. The vehicle booster road marking machine is equipped with a microcomputer control system. Can accurately control the line according to the standard and construction requirements, marking operations fully automated control. At the same time, according to the needs of the user, it can be configured to measure and print the amount of paint, marking length and construction area measurement and printing, real-time positioning of construction operations, marking thickness prompts, marking operations remote control operation, digital input line and other personalized features.

hand push thermoplastic road marking machine

Hand push thermoplastic road marking machine

With the equipment construction, the road marking machine operator has low labor intensity and high safety factor. Only by setting a good marking parameter, it can draw out a beautiful and in line with the requirements. The traditional hand-push line marking machine has very high requirements for the operator's marking technology. The thickness of the markings and the aesthetic appearance of the line completely depend on the skill of the operator. In other words, only skilled masters can draw good looking lines. The traditional road line marking machine is divided into two types of hot-melt and room temperature, hot-melt marking machine can only use hot-melt coating hot-melt markings, and normal temperature marking machine can only use cold-paint marking line at room temperature. The vehicle booster road marking machine can be replaced by functional systems, paint cans and other components according to customer needs, and can be used in high pressure airless spray, two-component spray, air-assisted spray, hot melt spray, hot melt extrusion, hot melt The scraping, pre-marking and other marking functions are freely combined to easily realize one machine and multiple functions. The vehicle booster road marking machine is suitable for continuous operation. The longer the continuous operation time, the more obvious its advantages in various aspects; but if the construction amount of the marking is very small and the construction work is intermittent,

vehicle booster thermoplastic road marking machine

vehicle booster thermoplastic road marking machine

The driving road marking machine can not only fail Demonstrating its outstanding performance, but also because it is a large device and appear bulky, there is no hand-push road line painting machine small and flexible. On the contrary, if the amount of work is relatively large, a ride-on marking machine can be used. Avehicle booster thermoplastic road marking machine can construct an average of 10 kilometers per hour, while a hand-push machine can work 5 to 8 kilometers a day with a marking machine. Take a 100-kilometer highway as an example. Take a ride on a line-dashing machine and spend a little overtime on a day's work. Of course, this is an ideal situation. The actual construction may take more time. Let's take a few days and count it as 3 days. However, traditional hand-push marking machines want to finish the 100-kilometer marking project within 3 days, even if they use 5 hand-push machines to work overtime. Road line marking machine Also, if the weather does not make the United States start to rain during construction, as long as the rain does not stop the duration will be extended indefinitely. Especially in the rainy season in the south, such situations are particularly frequent. The ride-type marking machine can catch rare good weather in this season and complete the construction in the shortest possible time. As long as the construction of the marking line is completed when the road surface is dry, the impact of heavy rain on the quality of the marking line afterwards is minimal.

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