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Backfill compact colloidal grout plant for sale

2018-06-15 14:18:34

The GGP300/300/75PI-E Backfill compact colloidal grout plant consist of a high shear combination of mixer, a rectangular agitator and piston grout pump in one plant.

It is mainly suitable for all grouting applications with cement and ultra fine cement, bentonite suspensions for microtunnelling, pipe jacking and directional drilling, ergonomic, space saving, central lifting position.

Gaodetec backfill compact colloidal grout plants are advanced grout mixing and pumping systems. The colloidal grout plants are built using modular design principles with a focus on ease of use and scalability. And we build grout mixing plants that perfectly perform.

compact colloidal grout plant

Backfill compact colloidal grout plant

Features of backfill compact colloidal grout plant

1. Mixer and agitator switch by using squeeze handle, it is safe, reliable and easy to operate;

2. The motor has an overload protection function. Hydraulic system with oil temperature overheating protection;

3. With CE, ISO certification;

4. High-speed high shear vortex mixer ensures mix quickly and evenly. Water, cement, and other media are quickly mixed into slurry. Compact size and it is easy to operate. It also takes up a small space;

5. Then the mixed slurry was delivered to the agitator. Grout pump injects from the mixing drum (storage tank). This ensures a continuous mixing and grouting operations. The grouting pump is a hydraulic drive. Grouting pressure and displacement are step-less adjustable.

Application of backfill compact colloidal grout plant

Building structure - building and bridge repair, foundation reinforcement, slope support, soil compaction, terrg grouting;

Civil engineering - dam, tunnel, subway, mine, soil nailing wall, curtain, anchor, cable trench and anchor grouting;

Engineering -underwater foundation, offshore platform, coast foundation grouting reinforcement

Mine application - roadway reinforcement, backfill, waterproof grouting.
Colloidal grout mixing and pumping systems produce high outputs while maintaining a low carbon footprint. Grout plants can be trailer or skid mounted.

GGP300/300/75PI-E grout plant has been successfully used in Vietnam customer backfill grouting projects working site. If you want more information about our backfill compact colloidal grout plant, please email us: info@gaodetec.com.

grout mixing and pumping systems


Colloidal Grout Mixing and Pumping Systems


Grout mixing plants 

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