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5m3/h refractory shotcrete machine for sale

2021-08-20 10:40:03

We are a manufacturer of 5m3/h refractory shotcrete machine for sale. We have developed a full range of 5m3/h refractory shotcrete machine for sale. The output range is from 0 ton / hour to 10 ton / hour, and the electric motor and air motor are customizable.

5m3/h refractory shotcrete machine for sale use compressed air to pipe loose materials such as refractories and control the mixing of water at the ports to spray them onto the molding surface at high speeds to protect material strength. .. The layer has a certain strength. Widely used in spray construction of protective surfaces in chemical engineering, smelting, railroads, highways, hydraulics, mining and other projects.

5m3/h refractory shotcrete machine

The principle of operation of a 5m3/h refractory shotcrete machine for sale is to add a refractory to the vibrating hopper, enter the straight cavity of the rotor through the screen, and rotate with the rotor to the discharge port. The compressed air introduced by the windward is introduced here with a flow of compressed air for each cyclone and cyclone separator, and the material is blown in a multi-headed spiral state to accelerate, rotate, float, and enter the transport pipe. When the nozzle reaches the nozzle, it mixes with water and sprays onto the spray surface.

5m3/h refractory shotcrete machine for sale are indoor and outdoor wall spray, cement mortar injection, bridge injection and waterproof surface spray, fireproof injection, insulation injection, ceiling injection, wall Suitable for injection, paint injection, garden injection, relief effect paint injection, craft injection, Tsukiyama spray, sound absorbing material spray, waterproof plug, waterproof leak repair, light and bridge, dam, hillside, Convenient for construction under basements, tunnels and residential plants.

refractory shotcrete machine for sale

Features of 5m3/h refractory shotcrete machine for sale:

1. 5m3/h refractory shotcrete machine for sale has mixing, transporting and spraying functions.

2. Good concrete injection quality, fast construction speed, labor saving.

3. Metallurgy and industrial furnaces are widely used in steelworks.

4. 5m3/h refractory shotcrete machine for sale is a standard product with excellent quality and durability. We have a good inventory of fragile parts, rotating plates, bonding plates, spray guns and other accessories.

5m3/h shotcrete machine for sale

The high quality 5m3/h refractory shotcrete machine for sales we sell are made with specialized processing equipment, special precision casting dies and unique production technology. Most accessories and parts come from the world's top brand suppliers. It stabilizes our products, is durable and is accepted in the domestic and foreign markets. To date, our high quality refractory shot craters have been exported to more than 40 countries around the world. If you are interested in our high quality refractory shotgun, please leave a message to us, we will help you as soon as possible.

Our email: info@gaodetec.com

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