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Refractory gunning machine for refractory castable material steel mill

2020-08-22 11:27:09

Refractory gunning machine for refractory castable material steel mill
Gaodetec has developed various products, installation methods and machines related to refractory gunning machine for castable refractory material, to consolidate its leading position in the product field. We always respond to customer feedback in a timely manner, and continue to promote product development and improvement, and strive to achieve the greatest satisfaction of employees and customers. We will continue to work hard to provide customers with high quality castable refractory gunning machine.

refractory gunning machine for castable refractory material

The refractory gunning machine for castable refractory material is mainly dry spray type of machine, In contrast to traditional castable refractory mounting, no formwork is required. Shotcrete is also a cost saving alternative because it uses simple machine technology and reduces material losses when adjusting and cleaning the machine. The spraying system can be combined with rotor or pressure vessel spraying machine, which can spray more evenly.

castable refractory gunning machine

Castable refractory products are non-metallic materials with chemical and physical properties that can be used to create heat-resistant structures that can be retained and insulated. Because of their high heat resistance and thermal shock properties, higher requirements for refractory gunning machine for castable refractory material machines.
The refractory gunning machine for castable refractory material is a continuous-running rotor spray machine with a wide range of capabilities and has been extensively verified in the refractory industry. Where there are high requirements for dust-free and low-wear spray gun technology for dry-process refractory concrete. The spray gun material to be processed is fed to the rotor via a hopper and a star agitator. The rotor is fixed between two sealing discs and is driven by a rotary current motor or a compressed air motor. The material of the spray machine is sent to the outlet by the so-called trickle method and blown into the hose or pipe via compressed air. Then the castable refractory gunning machine completes one working cycle. 

refractory castable material steel mill

The GZ-3ER castable refractory gunning machine is equipped with the hose pump. The hose pump max output is 240L/min, rotation is 45RPM, the power is 22 KW. The castable refractory gunning machine is specially designed for spraying refractory castables and is equipped with ABB frequency converters and high-pressure water pumps. The use of the new pre-damped nozzle helps the refractory injector to achieve the best spraying effect. During the construction process, it can be operated by adjusting the ABB inverter, which can accurately adjust the amount of water added, thereby reducing the difficulty of operation.
The advantage of the GZ-3ER castable refractory gunning machine:
1. Adjustable export, ABB change machine.
2. Collection bag.
3. Clearing collection box.
4. Reciprocal declining structure.
5. Blast rubber hose.
6. Metering pump metering accuracy is adjustable.

If you have any questions about the product, please contact us, we will answer your questions in detail and provide the corresponding product parameters and quotations. We are a professional refractory gunning machine factory, we can also customize it according to your requirements, welcome your inquiry.

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