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Grout mixing plant for dam foundation grouting

2020-08-24 17:11:10

Grout mixing plant for dam foundation grouting
The role of grout mixing plant for dam foundation grouting in dam foundation anti-seepage grouting is as follows:
1. Reinforcement of various dam foundations and slope reinforcement.
2. Treatment of fault fracture zone and soft muddy interbed in bedrock.
3. Crack reinforcement treatment of concrete buildings.
4. Foundation reinforcement and settlement prevention of tall buildings.
5. Prevent the rebound of the foundation during the excavation of a deeper foundation pit, prevent the settlement of adjacent structures, and strengthen the anti-seepage outside of the retaining wall.
6. Stability and reinforcement of bridges and road foundations.
7. Anti-seepage and water-stopping and reinforcement of underground projects (military underground engineering, underground parking garage, underground industrial plant, underground grain depot, underground oil depot, underground commercial street and pedestrian crossing tunnel, etc.).

grout mixing plant for dam foundation grouting

grout plant for dam foundation grouting

GGP400/700/320/100TPI-E is a grout plant for dam foundation grouting newly designed by our company. The agitator and grout grouting pump are in a base frame. The mixer, agitator and pump are installed on a single skid (can be transported by pickup truck) for quick installation and immediate operation. 

dam foundation grout mixing plant

dam foundation grout plant

The dam foundation grout mixing plant combines the latest technology of glue grouting and has a compact design. Water and solid materials are stirred at high speeds with a rotation speed of up to 1500 RPM to prevent solidification and achieve complete wetting of the particles. The high shear of the colloidal slurry unit greatly reduces the mixing time and enhances the sensing function through a unique bridge disconnect device. Compared with paddle mixers, these high-shear colloidal mixers can increase the apparent fluidity of the mud mixture by 20%, and make the slurry uniform, which is an important advantage for controlling the erosion of dams, rocks and soil. The grout mixing plant for dam foundation grouting is mainly used in ground and underground construction such as tunnel boring, drilling, mining, municipal administration, and road repair.
Dam foundation grout mixing plant also has the following advantages: First, the colloidal slurry system is easy to operate and maintain. Second, the grouting pressure and displacement of the cement mixer and pump unit are adjustable. Third, the particle size can reach 5mm, suitable for various projects. 

grout plant details

slurry grout plant details

Gaode Co., LTD. is an excellent manufacturer and exporter. The company has been engaged in the design, manufacture and export of shotcrete machines, dam foundation grout plant, mixers, hose pumps, mortar pumps and other products since 2004. And is committed to developing new products to meet customer needs, with superb ability to provide the necessary technical support and required engineering experience. It is worth mentioning that the dam foundation grout mixing plant independently developed, designed and produced by the company is widely welcomed and purchased by customers. At present, RISEN’s products have been widely sold in China, Australia, Finland, Spain, Egypt, Lebanon, Mexico, Peru, Malaysia, the Philippines, Sri Lanka and other countries and regions, and have obtained high-quality products and competitive prices from Customer satisfaction all over the world. We offer all kinds of grout mixing plant for dam foundation grouting for various large-scale projects. If you are looking for direct supply from the factory supplier, please contact me.

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