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Filter press for clay slurry

2022-08-20 18:15:01

Filter press for clay slurry
Gaode Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional China clay slurry filter press manufacturers, we can produce any type filter press machine according to different customers' requirements. Filter plate materials: Cast Iron, rubber, reinforced polypropylene, glass fiber polypropylene, etc.
our industrial filter machines are widely used in mining, petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, environmental protection, food, beverage, pharmaceutical, sugar, starch, paper washing, coal washing, ceramics, mineral processing and various sewage treatment industry solid separation. The filter press is mainly composed of steel frame, filter plate, pressing system and electrical control cabinet.

Filter press for clay slurry

The frame supporting the press equipment and filter plate consists of a steel base, push plate, tail plate and beam. The filter plate is mounted on the beam and is located between the push plate and the tail plate. The filter cloth is clamped between the filter plates. During the pressure filter operation, the press drive drives the push plate to press the filter plate and the filter cloth between the pus plate and the tail plate. The filter chamber is then formed between the pressed filter plates. The material will be pressed into the filter chamber through the feed port on the tail plate. The solid particles are trapped in the filter chamber and a filter cake is formed, while the liquid is discharged from the filter press through the filter cake and the filter cloth. If the filter cake needs to be cleaned, the cleaning water can be supplied through the cleaning port in the tail plate. If the filter cake needs to be dried, compressed air can also be supplied through the cleaning port. The structure of the board-frame filter is the same as that of a box or embedded filter. The difference is that the filter part is assembled from a plate, a frame and a filter cloth, and the filter chamber is formed between the plate and the frame. The liquid flow of the filter press can be divided into internal flow and external flow. The internal flow means that the filtered liquid is first collected from each filter plate and then drained from the pressure filter through the filter port. The outflow means that the filter is discharged directly to the outlet of the filter plate.

clay slurry filter press

The filter press for clay slurry has a variety of solutions for handling mud water, removing solids and allowing for complete reuse of water or safe and environmentally friendly disposal. Each situation is unique and to find the solution that best suits you, let us help you determine the solution that is best for you.
Mud silo systems save labor and costs for smaller concrete mud water applications.
The rapid settling system oblique plate sink clarifying the pool is designed for high flow and extremely short downtime.

China filter press for clay slurry

The filter system is designed to combine the latest technology for simplicity and reliability. Automatic filter presses increase yield and reduce management.
Gaodetec clay slurry filter press offers different clay filter presses for different clay slurry dehydration, and the most popular clay is kaolin or ceramic clay. Today, many clay filter presses around the world are constantly producing clay.

Filter press for clay slurry design and operation characteristics:
1. All filter presses are calculated based on special design calculations and capacity to ensure that all filter capacity can be adapted to the input capacity, economy and high dehydration design of the clay.
2. The strong filter frame of the special Leo filter is designed to withstand long high-pressure operation.
3. High-strength and first-class Leo filter plate, long service life, high pressure resistance, to ensure less water content of mud cake.
4. Reduce the cost of clay production.
5. Realized a highly automated design and operation, Leo filter machine dedicated PLC control system, reducing labor costs.
6. Leo filter machine according to the requirements of the clay plant design filter, a variety of design types of clay filter, different models.
7. Special custom clay filter cloth, long service life, strong dehydration capacity.

China clay filter press

After filtration of clay slurry, the water content of the medium is low, and the service life of the filter plate is long, which gains a good reputation. Buying a ceramic filter is a bit confusing.
In order to become an outstanding ceramic filter manufacturer, Gaodetec equipment will always be with its high-quality products to provide customers with quality services.
Any question about filter press for clay slurry, please feel free to contact us. We will always be happy to answer your questions and recommend suitable filter press for you.

clay slurry used recessed filter press


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