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Piston mortar spraying pump application

2018-07-28 15:29:24

GMP35/30 piston mortar spraying pump is a piston pump with one single cylinder & single acting, mainly was designed for conveying and spraying mortar or plaster. This pump has compact structure, reliable operation, low failure rate, convenient cleaning, easy maintenance and high pumping pressure etc. advantages, so it has widely been using for mortar spraying, pumping and grouting in tunnel excavation and maintenance, mine engineering, constructing dams, bridges and foundation treatment etc. projects. The mixing shaft in the hopper is directly linked to the  piston rod, thus this shaft is synchronously moved with the said piston rod effectively prevent mortar precipitation. The pump also has been using for mortar and putty pumping and spraying civil buildings. 

piston mortar pump

Piston mortar pump is a single piston pump ideal for pumping, transporting, injecting and spraying common, ready mixed and special mortars. Single cylinder & single-acting, ball valve, quick clamp connection, operation and cleaning conveniently. It is able to pump up to 30.000m2 of plaster with just one piston. It can be equipped with up to 50 m convey hoses. Equipped with special mortar nozzle, making spraying operation more smoothly, continuously and reducing the rebound effectively. Thanks to the exclusive pump assembly, model GMP35/30 piston mortar pump provides a uniform and continuous spraying of the materials. The piston pump can pump aggregates with a particle size up to max 6 mm, guaranteeing high efficiency, low maintenance costs and low electrical energy consumption.

Piston mortar spraying pump

Model GMP35/30 piston mortar pump application:

Spraying thick coat traditional mortar

Pumping common and ready-mixed mortars

Applying plaster and special mortar for concrete repair and renovation works

Pumping self-levelling floor screeds With all models + kit for ready-mixed plasters

Spraying of thick coat ready-mixed plaster

Applying lightweight insulating materials

Filling and pressure pointing of open brickwork

Pressure pointing on prefabricated structures

Application of thin layer finishing plaster

Controlled pressure injection of cementitious slurries

piston mortar pump application

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