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Industrial mini diesel concrete pump

2019-01-15 11:06:31

Mini concrete pump have become an indispensable machine in construction. Today let us introduce about concrete pump installation and piping arrangement. Industrial mini concrete pump should be placed away from slopes, dam, dimples and trenches.
It should be considered to facilitate the mixing of trucks or on site mixing and feeding, and to shorten the pipeline layout as much as possible; The concrete pump must be placed on a sturdy floor(inclination angle<5°). Ensure that the hopper door switch is free and easy to clean. If the position of pump is not changed for a long time, the tire can be removed.
Around the site where the concrete pump is placed, ensure that the water source is adequate, the power sufficient diameter cable must be provided according to the power of motor to ensure safe start-up of the motor. And set up the lighting device for the application. A working space of 1m must be guaranteed around the pump.
For operation and maintenance. When pumping from a low pressure state to a high pressure state, the pump must be re-fixed to make it reliable.

Mini concrete pump

The piping arrangement of pump outlet. There are three types of pump outlet piping arrangements, depending on the site construction conditions. Straight line connection: the conveying pipe is in line with the concrete pump. U-shaped connection: 180°connection. The outlet is connected to the conveying pipe through two 90°elbows. L-shaped connection: the outlet of the pump is connected to the conveying pipe through a 90°elbow, which is perpendicular to the concrete pump.

Different connection methods have their own advantages and disadvantages. When using direct connection, the pumping resistance is small, but the reaction force of the concrete pump is large; the pumping resistance of the U-shaped connection is larger, but the reaction force of the concrete pump is more small; when using L-shaped connection, the pumping are between the above two conditions.
But the concrete pump will produce lateral vibration. In the horizontal pumping, U-shaped connection and straight-line connection can be used; when pumping up and height exceeds 15m, or when pumping down, U-shaped connection is adopted. If the direct connection method is adopted, the valve box is easily blocked or not completely pumping; L-shaped connection is used for horizontal pumping, or where it can not be connected by other means due to terrain conditions, in principle, it can not be pumped up.

industrial mini concrete pump

General principles of industrial mini concrete pump for piping arrangements:

Keep the pipeline as short as possible and with as few bends as possible.

The route through which the pipeline passes should be safer and the personnel and pipelines will not be harmed.

It is convenient to support, fix, purge and disassemble the pipeline, which is convenient for pouring construction.

General requirements for horizontal pumping piping; the piping should be as flat as possible. The piping can only be supported by the soft objects such as wood and the pipe fittings. Each pipe should avoid direct friction with rock. concrete buildings and steel. When arranging the horizontal pipe, the pump should be placed at a slightly lower position, the pipes is slightly upward and pumping is most beneficial.
This is the first to introduce you here, pay attention to the department below us to share with you next time.

industrial concrete pump


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