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Large flow ceramic plunger pump for sale

2022-08-05 11:33:26

YB series large flow ceramic plunger pump is mainly used in the transportation of ceramic mud, coal water slurry, kaolin and non-metallic mineral suspension.

large flow ceramic plunger pump

Large flow ceramic plunger pump can also be used for the transportation of food suspension, chemical slurry, electronic slurry and magnetic materials. It can transport concentrated suspensions with a solid content of more than 70%, so that it has high work and energy saving efficiency when used in conjunction with spray drying towers, filter presses and other drying equipment.

ceramic plunger pump for filter press

large flow ceramic piston pump

If you need a large flow ceramic piston pump, please contact us directly, email: info@gaodetec.com, the service process is as follows:
1. We have an online consulting customer service to communicate with you initially, and then arrange an engineer to communicate with you in detail one-on-one;
2. Arrange the engineer to make a feasible plan according to your working conditions later and give a quotation;
3. Both parties determine the satisfactory plan and price, and sign the contract;
4. The company arranges production and delivers on time;
5. After delivery, arrange to guide the installation and commissioning of the equipment;
6. 24-hour after-sales service in the later period.

large output ceramic piston pump

The following points should be noted when selecting models of large output ceramic plunger pump:

large output ceramic plunger pump

1. Determine the working conditions of the medium. Large particles are not allowed in the medium conveyed by the large output ceramic plunger pump, otherwise it will cause work failures. Where iron pollution is required, stainless steel plunger pumps should be used, and anti-corrosion plungers should be used for acidic or alkaline media pump;
2. Determine a reasonable flow range. The nominal flow rate of the plunger pump model is the rated flow, and the appropriate margin range should be considered when selecting;
3. Determine the applicable pressure level. The rated pressure of the large output ceramic piston pump  can reach 2.0-2.5mpa. When using a filter press, a variable pump should be used, and a low-pressure pump should be used for slurry delivery to reduce waste;
4. After determining the above parameters, choose YB series ceramic plunger pump according to the standard model;
5. If you have any questions, you should call the manufacturer and ask the engineering and technical personnel to help you choose the model.

ceramic plunger pump factory

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