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Plate and frame filter press supporting pump

2022-08-12 18:34:42

YB series plate and frame filter press supporting pump is a positive displacement pump with hydraulically driven parallel bars and double acting. Using α-type alumina as the plunger, it has extremely high wear resistance and corrosion resistance. The plate and frame filter press used pump has stable and reliable operation, high output pressure and accurate metering, small pressure fluctuation, low noise, acid and alkali resistance, convenient operation and maintenance, and easy operation and maintenance. Long life and other characteristics, it is an ideal product for various types of solid-liquid separation when used with filter presses. Compared with centrifugal pump, screw pump and rotor pump, this pump has the following advantages: low pressure power, low wear and long life, adjustable constant temperature function, maintenance cost is only one tenth of centrifugal pump, screw pump and rotor pump , reducing the cost of use and power consumption for users.

plate and frame filter press supporting pump

plate and frame filter press used pump

ceramic plunger pump for plate and frame filter press

The plate and frame filter press used pump can automatically control the output flow and keep the set pressure unchanged. Set a pressure value according to the actual working conditions. When the pressure rises to the set value, the pressure stops rising. At this time, the flow of the ceramic plunger pump for filter press can be adjusted between zero and maximum flow according to It is actually necessary to automatically change the operating speed and keep the set pressure constant. Driven by hydraulic pressure, the pressure is high, the pressure adjustment is fast and accurate, and the operation is stable. The α-type alumina ceramic plunger is used for less wear, convenient operation, installation and maintenance, low cost of use and long service life.
Uses: It is used for spray drying of ceramic mud, high pressure spray combustion of coal water slurry, clean (sewage) water, long-distance transportation of various suspended liquids, mud, and sand-containing liquids, and can also be used for filter press feeding.

ceramic plunger pump for filter press

If you need a ceramic plunger pump for plate and frame filter press, please contact us directly, email: info@gaodetec.com

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