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Application of industrial fine stone concrete pump

2020-01-10 17:17:43

Application of industrial fine stone concrete pump

Industrial fine stone concrete pumps are the most durable, compact, efficient and versatile concrete pumps on the market today. Industrial fine stone concrete pumps are concrete pumps designed for masonry grouting applications. The industrial fine stone concrete pump is a multi-functional industrial pump driven by diesel engine. The output can reach 7 cubic meters per hour and the working pressure is 35 bar. Therefore, it is widely used in concrete pumping or grouting and spraying engineering. Typical applications include: application in High-rise building mortar and fine stone concrete transportation, secondary structure column grouting, reservoir, hydropower station, port and dock for various concrete transportation, foundation treatment, weak foundation, reinforced grouting, tunnel, subway, mine backfill grouting anchor support, II Watering the construction column.

Let us take a look at some of the considerations for the application of industrial fine stone concrete pumps during specific operations.
General requirements for horizontal pumping piping arrangements. The pipe should be as smooth as possible. Only use wood and other soft objects to contact and support the pipe fittings. Each pipe should have one or two solid fulcrums. Pipe fittings should avoid direct friction with rock, concrete buildings and steel. In the arrangement of horizontal pipes, the industrial fine stone concrete pump should be placed at a slightly lower position with the pipe slightly upwards, which is most advantageous for pumping. When pumping concrete vertically at higher altitudes, it is recommended to place the first part of the pipe horizontally, approximately equal to 30% of the length of the riser.

fine stone concrete pump application

The vertical part should be securely fastened to the building so that its own weight does not act on the bottom bend. When pumping along a slope, the concrete may slip due to its own weight due to the different angles of inclination of the pipe. This will isolate the concrete and make pumping difficult, so it is recommended to add an elbow in the middle to avoid dripping interruption. Increase the resistance of the lower part of the inclined pipe. For example, the total length of the connecting horizontal pipe is equal to 5 times of the total length of the lower part of the inclined pipe, which is larger than the drop of the inclined pipe section, or the same length elbow is used. It is also possible to connect a height adjustment tube to the end of the inclined tube.

concrete pump apply for construction

Industrial fine stone concrete pump is applied to the site construction, relying on remote control, it can transport mortar, fine stone concrete, secondary structure column grouting and other materials to the required location. The fully mechanized operation is hundreds of times more than manual casting, shortening the construction period. Equipped with a remote control switch to make operation more convenient and efficient. The concrete pouring concrete of the pump has good continuity, high conveying efficiency and high labor cost. The fine stone concrete pump is small in size, convenient in construction, simple in operation, and can be directly cast on the floor, which greatly reduces labor intensity. The fine stone concrete pump for sale has a high structure, the secondary structure column pump is small in size, light in weight, and the secondary structure column pump has convenient movement, convenient maintenance and low maintenance cost. Because industrial fine stone concrete pumps are far superior in function and application to other types of pumps, they are widely used worldwide.

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