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Hydroseeder for slope greening

2021-06-13 15:34:31

Hydroseeder machine, shotcrete machine and ground pump sprayer are three kinds of equipment commonly used in slope greening construction. The shotcrete machine itself does not have the conveying capacity, needs to be used with the air compressor, the comprehensive cost is high. Ground pump wet sprayer work is inefficient. The hydroseeder works well and sprays evenly, and has become an effective vegetation planting method in greening projects such as road and railway slope greening, mine greening, desert management, river embankment protection and large-scale green space transformation.

slope protection hydroseeder

The simple lawn hydroseeder field work steps are as follows:
1. Before we begin, we should clean the slopes. Tools are generally used to remove gravel, flotsc, dangerous rocks and flatten them.
2. Hit the bolt. Select the anchor bar length of about 1-2m. Its function is two fixed slopes, convenient to hang the net. If the slope is too steep, the crossbar is hung.
3. Hang the net. Usually we use barbed wire or three-dimensional nets. If there are ditches at the top of the slope, it is best to lay nets under the ditches to prevent landslides. When hanging the net, leave 20-750px on the top slope and 500px on the bottom. The mesh overlaps 1-2 cm with a U-shaped nail or wire
4. Spray the matrix mixture with the hydraulic seeds sold. Spray from the front: from top to bottom, from left to right. Avoid spraying from the bottom up. Finally spray a mixture of planting soil, pulp or wood fibers, water retention agents, adhesives, and herbs mixed well. The thickness is about 0.5-25px.
5. Covering nonwovens (16 to 18g/m2). After spraying, cover the slope from top to bottom with nonwovens. It is conducive to moisture absorption and anti-flushing. Nonwoven density requires 15-18g/m.
6. Conservation management: the main work is spraying, irrigation, fertilization and pest control.
7. Nonwovens are uncoated. After 10-20 days the grass grows on the slope, if the nonwovens are not degraded, the nonwovens are opened by artificial means, which is conducive to plant growth.

slope greening hydroseeder

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hydroseeder for slope greening for sale, please email us at info@gaodetec.com

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