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Hose pump for grouting bentonite

2021-06-11 12:02:02

Gaodetec heavy-duty hose pumps is a peristaltic pump for conveying foam concrete for handling corrosive, high-viscosity, high-density products such as abrasive slurry, corrosive acids, gaseous liquids, sand/cement mortars, liquid promoters, and more. It is also used for metering pumps with 1% repeat accuracy.

heavy-duty hose pump

Tunnel builders use hoses to pump or fill the puffed soil and for pumping or grouting bentonite. Gaodetec equipment is China's largest partner. CREG, the tunnel construction machinery manufacturer, supplies its TBM with 20m3/h and 8m3/h hose pumps for pumping bentonite.
1. Valveless, wide flow path. Adaptable to thick, granular slurry pumps.
2. Fixed capacity pumping, no reflux, flow stability.
3. Easy to achieve flow regulation, the selection of suitable external parts, can be used as a metering pump.
4. Pumping slurry only contact with extruded hoses, the selection of suitable hose material, can adapt to a variety of slurry.
5. The inlet and exit port can be freely converted, when there is a foreign body blockage, the change can discharge the plug.
6. High vacuum, self-absorption ability.
7. Easy to clean, no removal, that is, cleaning pipes.
8. It is easy to maintain, fragile parts less (only one extrusion hose).

If you are a TBM manufacturer engineer or operator, please contact info@gaodetec.com more information.

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