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High efficiency hydroseeder equipment for highway slope protection

2021-10-20 17:25:34

Hydraulic seeding technology is now becoming more and more popular in slope greening projects. Our Gaodetec Equipment can provide high-quality high efficiency hydroseeder equipment for highway slope protection, and provide professional side slope greening technical guidance, and will arrange technicians to go abroad to guide machine operation, mix ratio, how to protect grass seeds after spraying, etc. This is our field in this field One big advantage. Therefore, if you are interested in our services and hydroseeder equipment, please feel free to contact us. The email is info@gaodetec.com

hydroseeder equipment for highway slope protection

The hydro-seeding material is a mixture of grass seeds, grass fibers, peat, water-retaining agents, adhesives, fertilizers, local soil and water. Choose grass species reasonably according to local climatic conditions, crush straw and platycodon, and collect grass fibers. The water-retaining agent generally uses synthetic polymers, such as polymers of acrylic acid and acrylamide. The binder can be cellulose or glue, and the fertilizer is usually NPK. The mixing ratio of the mixture should be determined with reference to design specifications or through field tests.

high efficiency hydroseeder equipment

Among our GHS series h
igh efficiency hydroseeder equipment for highway slope protection, GHS0883 hydroseeder equipment is very popular in domestic slope greening projects. Its diesel engine is 83kw, which is very powerful. The pump is a centrifugal pump with a pump outlet diameter of 60mm and a pump inlet diameter of 125mm. The tank body is made of manganese steel, and the tank body thickness is 8mm. Maximum value. The horizontal conveying distance is 100-120m, and the maximum vertical conveying distance is 80m. The maximum soil content in the mixture is 60%. If your mixed soil content is less than 60%, only a little soil is needed, not more than 20%. You can choose our other model hydroseede, it will be more suitable for you. We can also install wheels on our hydroseeder equipment for highway slope protection to meet your requirements.

slope green

The WHS series h
igh efficiency hydroseeder equipment for highway slope protection is driven by a single diesel oil, electronically controlled, and easy to operate. The main structural material of hydraulic planting equipment is high-quality structural steel. No matter how bad the conditions are, it can ensure that the planter is sturdy and durable. And the appearance is reasonable and generous. Imported paint is applied to ensure that the color will not fade for three years.

At the same time, Gaode equipment can provide customers with suitable high efficiency hydroseeder equipments according to different engineering requirements such as slope, slope height, and geological conditions. If you have any needs in the future, please feel free to tell us and we will provide you with the best service.

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