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CLC foam concrete machine

2021-10-25 17:21:55

Foam concrete produced by foam concrete manufacturers has a wide range of applications in construction, but its mix ratio is also very important, mainly to meet the requirements of controlling thermal conductivity and mechanical strength. Foamed concrete has been used in developed countries for more than 50 years. The compressive strength is not as great as ordinary concrete, but the weather resistance is the same. Its advantages include less demand for structural reinforcement, lower foundation requirements, better fire resistance, and most importantly, it can be used as an insulating material.
performance of the foam concrete

We are CLC foam concrete making machine supplier and manufacturer, if you want to get a machine for making foam concrete, you can contact us freely. Email address: info@gaodetec.com. Gaode series foam concrete machine is also called cement foam concrete unit or cement foam concrete machine. It consists of foam concrete mixer and foam concrete pump. It is widely used in foam concrete projects, such as cast-in-place blocks and roof insulation. And to fill the gaps, the raw materials are cement, sand, fly ash, etc., which are very environmentally friendly. 

CLC foam concrete making machine

The weight pot concrete CLC can be started in the history of early 1920. In 1923, foam concrete was used as Sweden's first cement and mixed use copyright. Used as an insulating material for thermal insulation walls to protect the cold winter in Europe.

In fact, the copyrighted system at the time was not a method of compressing air, but connected to hydrogen and oxygen, called mud mixed cement. It was called aerated concrete. Later, it started with Autoclaved aerated concrete called AAC (later (AAC will be disclosed privately).

Detailed studies on foam concrete structures, physical pride and production were first completed in 30 and 1950. After these studies, new combinations were introduced in the late 1970s and early 1980s in the 1970s. Foam concrete was used in construction Advertisement. At first, it was used in landfills, empty landfills, oil stabilization and ground stabilization in the Netherlands. We did more research in the Netherlands and supported wider use as a home builder. The foam is made by weaving Air pressure (compressed air) is generated and replaced by mixers in slate cricket players, and air concrete (or) foamed concrete is made. A new type of concrete appears lightweight and waterproof. In addition, heat and sound lighters can be made , Can be cut with wooden equipment. Since then, CLC aka foam concrete has been used as an alliance of roots, high-rise buildings, walls, roofs and pre-reinforced fibers.

foam concrete for backfilling

The first large-scale foam concrete project in the UK was completed on the Scottish Falk Railway in 1980. The foam concrete is 4,500 meters long and 30 meters long and has a density of 1100 kg/m3. The largest foam concrete project in the UK is covering 70,000 kg of the London Canadian Dock Foundation. 

CLC foam concrete

In addition, CLC foam concrete machine is widely used in many countries, especially Japan, South Korea and China, with various names such as foam concrete, air concrete, railway, land pipeline, bridge, etc. and many other construction sectors. In our Myanmar, CLC was used as a sub-layer of the bridge project planned by Jack. The result is that the bridge road and the bridge road are in the same lane, the bridge road is in the same lane, and there is no traffic jam on the bridge. I hope that those who work for Myanmar will also in the future Can use CLC effectively.

The entire concrete block of CLC is made of a wide range of football balloons. These bubbles stand alone and become a powerful egg-covered screen when exposed to the mixed cement sand. This is called stable foam. Just like the soap bubbles played in childhood The same. When you pick up the soap with the ring and blow it out with the wind, the size of the cut will occur, depending on the air force you take and the mouth will blow. Recently, you will find these soap bubbles sold at traffic spots in Yangon Boxes. Unlike the way I played when I was young, these boxes are more like bubbles. Drugs and airports are more and more like the top of the box with the air force pre-installed in the box. The sn fit into the CLC is mostly 0.1 mm (each Inch 250 pieces) to 1 mm. More detailed information about this funeral and trimmer will continue in the guide later.

The main thing to talk about is the endurance of these bows. These bows explode in the air. The explosion time depends on the surface tension of the vortex. The CLC combo boxer has better surface tension than normal soap bubbles. That's why it is called stable foam. These The photo can tolerate the composition, transportation, pumping and pouring the pencil until the concrete is dry. This is one of the unique souls. One of the bubbles is still a separate air hail, when the concrete dries, the weight of the concrete is reduced lighter than the average weight, and the water is better Over water. -Exciting vase effect. If these photos are connected to each other for different reasons, as I said in the guide earlier, it is lighter than water, but it will sink into the water. Because of the formation of cement and sand The concrete can’t float on its own. So, if the airplane needs a bathroom and needs to be sprinkled into the water, if the airplane comes from somewhere in the airplane and is everywhere, it won’t be brave.
You can use a simple inner iron and a watermelon monk without a water hall as an example. You can consider a monument built with only shells, without balloons. He may be floating outside for some reason, but if he falls Outside, he will quickly lose pride and sink into the water. If you try to ride in a car with a lot of waterproof foam, he will be affected by the water. One day, if he drowned outside and watered in the hole, The rest of the limit will stop watering, the rest of the water will stop watering, and pride will continue to be on the water. This is the CLC CLC company that those who will produce must know, insecurity, influence and influence are directly related to the tailor quality.

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