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Hydraulic spraying seeds machine for sale

2020-10-12 18:27:10

Hydraulic spraying seeds machine for sale

With the development of technology and the change of user demand, technical equipment is also innovative. For example, the new hydraulic spraying seeds machine is gradually replacing the old ones with their good performance and excellent performance after entering the market. Gaodetec is a professional hydraulic spraying seeds machine manufacturer in China, and has its own technical research and development team and fixed equipment production site. We have nearly 20 years of experience in the production of the machine, equipment quality trustworthy, and can provide good after-sales service.

hydraulic spraying seeds machine

The hydraulic spraying seeds machine for sale can be used in residential lawn, slope maintenance, slope greening beside expressway, new building development and many small seeding projects. The spraying seeds machine for sale machine can be divided into two types, wheel less and wheelers. It will be more convenient to move if the one with wheel is selected. The hydraulic spraying seeds machine for sale models are GHS0683 and GHS0883. The capacity of the mixing tank is 6000L and 8000L respectively, and the power of the power system is 83KW. If you need, we also support customized service.

spraying seeds machine for sale

Perfect construction effect requires good machinery and equipment to support; we will provide you with the most cost-effective spraying seeds machine for sale. Our equipment has stainless steel stirrer tank and high power pump. The features of the hydraulic spraying seeds machine are as follows;
1. Equipped with hydraulic power, convenient to use and reduce the maintenance of the machine;
 In the field of construction equipment, the machine adopts the direct drive system, which needs to consume the maintenance resources of aniseed and the operation is troublesome, while the appearance of hydraulic power greatly saves resources and makes it easier to operate and maintain
2.  Innovative design with the lowest maintenance cost:
The hydraulic spraying seeds machine adopt stainless steel tank, which can prevent the tank from rusting more effectively, extend the service life and reduce the cost. Hydraulic drives also reduce energy consumption and are more environmentally friendly than conventional drives.
3. Compared with traditional sowing, hydraulic sowing material will germinate faster and better.
When the hydraulic spraying seeds machine is applied in the right proportion, the mulch can retain moisture, accelerate germination, and isolate the temperature to extremes to prevent seed dormancy and prevent erosion. 

 hydraulic spraying seeds machine for sale

GHS series hydroseeding machine for sale is uses its own device to perform mixing and spraying operations. The pump must run in the equipment to carry out the entire process. Part of the pump output mixture will be directed back to the storage tank through a series of sprays to facilitate being put into the tank. The body mulch, seeds, fertilizer, etc. are stored in the tank. The remaining pump output will transport the material through the hose so that it can be applied to the ground. The hydraulic spraying seeds machine for sale is easy to use and low cost because there are almost no moving parts or controls. You only need to add water and required materials to the water tank, and then start the engine, and the pump can do the rest.

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