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Grout mixing plants for the pipe jacking machine

2020-09-19 17:33:23

Grout mixing plants for the pipe jacking machine

Grout mixing plant is combination of mixer, agitator and grout pump in one based frame, we also called it 3 in 1 plant. The grout plant is mainly designed for suitable for all grout applications using cement and ultra-fine cement - anchoring, soil nails, pull cables as well as grouts for casings, rock and contact slurry - for micro-tunnels, pipe jacking machine and bentogram suspensions for directional drilling.

Grout mixing plants for the pipe jacking machine

The slurry injection technology will improve soil strength and deformation mould. It will reduce soil permeability and improve impermeability. This is widely used in micro-tunnels and tunneling projects. In grout projects, adhesive grouters and pumps are essential equipment.

The basic grout theory is that the grout should be slowly injected and penetrated into the pores to replace the fluid in the formation pores without interfering with the soil skeleton. The result of this method is improved water resistance, deformability and strength of natural soils. The homogeneity and continuity of cured soil will be improved by using slurry and injection techniques. So the foundation will be more stable.

grout plant for the pipe jacking machine

The capacity of the grout mixing plant should be related to the expected amount of grout. Grout agitator capacity, grout mixer capacity, grout pump flow and pressure. It can also supply power to cement slurry mixing equipment. Collage mixing grout mills can be electric motors, diesel engines and pneumatic motors, according to the work site power supply.

grout mixing plant for tbm

For micro-tunnel slurry grouting projects, compact grout mixing plant will be very helpful. It is easy to mix and pumps slurry from pure cement, powder ash, benthic soil, ultra-fine cement and lime powder. The grout mixing plant has been used for micro-tunneling projects. It is matched with the pipe jacking machine and used in the trenchless projects.

micro-tunnel slurry grouting plant

Cement grout mixing plant
for the pipe jacking machine have the following advantages:
1. Continuously output small pulses, kicks or jumps.
2. The grout pressure and flow can be adjusted without grade.
3. The high-speed vortex mixer ensures even and fast mixing.
4. By squeezing the handle grout agitator and agitator, the operation is simple, safe and reliable. Motors with overload protection.
5. The hydraulic system has an oil temperature overheat protection function.
6. This part ensures low maintenance costs for the machine.
In short, the grout mixing plant has the characteristics of simple structure, compact size, light weight, easy maintenance and so on.

Therefore, please contact us immediately to purchase a suitable grout plant for the pipe jacking machine to stir and pump the cement slurry used in the construction of the grout.

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