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Hydraulic peristaltic concrete pump for sale

2021-09-08 14:58:06

Peristaltic concrete pump is also called hose concrete pump and squeeze concrete pump because it has more advantages than other pumps, such as high self-priming, no seals and valves, dry running without damage, only need to replace the tube, etc., the peristaltic pump The application is very wide.

Hydraulic peristaltic concrete pump for sale

Gaodetec is a manufacturer specializing in manufacturing and selling industrial long-life h
ydraulic peristaltic concrete pumps. After years of technological development, we have now developed dozens of models of a full range of products, with a working pressure of 0.6-3 Mpa and an output of 0.01-50m3/h. The material of the extruded tube of peristaltic concrete pump can be provided with NR, NBR and EPDM (industrial grade, food grade) according to customer requirements.

hydraulic concrete pump

The GCP20H-H h
ydraulic peristaltic concrete pump for sale is hydraulically driven. It is equipped with a heavy-duty hydraulic motor gearbox, stepless speed regulation, directly connected to its own hydraulic power station. Convenient operation and large flow. Equipped with heavy-duty gearbox, strong power, large flow, rated output up to 45m3/h, excellent site performance and stable performance.

hydraulic squeeze concrete pump

Because the GCP20H-H large-capacity and large-flow hydraulic peristaltic concrete pump is far superior to other types of pumps in function and application, it is widely used worldwide. It has been exported to foreign countries, and sold in Malaysia, Mexico, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Kazakhstan, Thailand, Myanmar, Russia and other countries, and is well received by foreign customers.

peristaltic concrete pump

GCP20H-H hydraulic peristaltic squeeze concrete pump is specially designed for underground engineering, mainly used for pumping bentonite by shield machine in underground engineering. GCP20H-H hydraulic peristaltic concrete pump has no seal, no leakage, strong self-priming ability, simple structure, convenient operation and maintenance.

hydraulic peristaltic concrete pump

Hydraulic peristaltic concrete pump for sale has obvious advantages in conveying strong abrasive media. This means that the hose pump has a valveless sealing structure without any leakage or contamination. Only the inner cavity of the hose is in contact with the medium, and other parts are completely independent of the medium; the flow can be adjusted linearly, and the fluid delivery with high viscosity and impurities will not be blocked.

squeeze concrete pump

Hydraulic peristaltic concrete pump for sale is widely used in concrete pumping or grouting coating projects. Typical applications include: high-rise building mortar and fine stone concrete transportation, secondary structural column grouting, various concrete transportation of reservoirs, hydropower stations, ports and wharfs, foundation treatment, weak foundations, steel bar grouting, tunnels, subways, and mine backfills grouting and anchoring the support, II irrigating the building column.

TBM squeeze concrete pump

Many customers choose our hydraulic peristaltic concrete pump for sales to pump clay mud. For more information about hose pumps, please visit our company's website. If you need a hose pump, please tell us the output capacity and working pressure you need. You can tell us what your local voltage and we can customize a suitable voltage motor for you. We strictly control the quality of the entire process of hydraulic peristaltic concrete pump, and have passed ISO9001:2008, CE and SGS certification. You are welcome to tell us your project, the required output and pressure, and then our professional engineers will provide you with a suitable design.

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