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Hose pump for pump mud

2021-09-03 16:57:48

The peristaltic hose pump for pump mud is mainly composed of pump room, rotor, drum, idler, squeeze hose and drive device. The squeezed hose in the pump room is U-shaped. When the rotor drives the drum to rotate, the hose is deformed. After the drum rotates, the deformed hose recovers by elasticity. Thus, a negative pressure is generated in the hose, the slurry is sucked in, and discharged from the outlet under the push of the drum, and finally a pressure conveying of the slurry is formed.

Gaodetec hose pump for pump mud features:
No seal, no reversing valve work, strong self-priming ability, few wearing parts, idling, positive and negative, the material only passes through the hose, not in contact with metal, can be sucked, viscous materials, including particles can be cleaned online, Convenient to maintain.

Pump mud hose pump
 has so many characteristics, so it is widely used in the filling of masonry block, wall grouting, hoisting mortar for masonry wall construction; concrete sidewalk and terrace slab pumping, pumping foam concrete, light quality foamed concrete, mortar and refractory materials.

Advantages of pump mud hose pump for conveying mud:
1. No pollution: the fluid only touches the pump tube, not the pump body;
2. High precision: high repeatability, high stability and precision;
3. Low shear force: an ideal tool for conveying shear-sensitive and corrosive fluids;
4. Good airtightness: good self-priming ability, can be idling, can prevent backflow;
5. Simple maintenance: no need for valves and seals;
6. The advantages of the mud hose pump have the capacity of bidirectional equal flow delivery; no liquid will damage any part of the pump; it can produce up to 98% vacuum; there is no valve, mechanical seal and packing seal device, so there is no leakage and maintenance factors; it can easily transport solid, liquid or gas-liquid mixed phase fluids, so that the diameter of the solid contained in the fluid can reach 40% of the inner diameter of the tubular element; it can transport various materials and foods with wear, corrosion, and oxygen sensitive characteristics; Only the hose is the part that needs to be replaced, and the replacement operation is extremely simple; except for the hose, the conveyed product does not touch any parts.

Mud hose pump rubber hose is a very important consumable part of hose pump. Peristaltic mud hose pump hoses are divided into NR hoses, NBR hoses and EPDM hoses, and food-grade hoses. Generally, NR hoses have excellent abrasion resistance and are usually resistant to diluted acids and alcohols. NBR hoses are resistant to oils, greases, alkalis and cleaning agents, while EPDM hoses have excellent abrasion resistance and are generally resistant to diluted acids and alcohols.

If the mud conveying peristaltic hose pump produced by Gaodetec can help you, or you don’t know much about the project, please contact us! Email address: info@gaodetec.com

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